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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Update on Easter visitation

Easter visitation went well! I ended up calling the police station in my inlaws city, asking if they will escort me to drop off the girls, after viewing my Order of Protection it was no problem. 2 squads followed me there and waited as I dropped off the girls.

STBX was outside working on his mini van just as we pulled up and he looked very surprised, he said "Hi babies" to the girls and I pulled away. I motioned a thank you to the officers as I went away. I was relieved and sad that this is the extent I have to go to keep "me" safe.

I had foolishly hoped that once we left out that door the last time all of the problems would melt away. I hoped that I would not have to have the kids see him again. I was so wrong! I am happy I am out, but in some ways I feel as though I failed the kids. M is with his STBX, and the kid hates me thanks to STBX. The girls are scared of the supervised visitation ending. I too worry about that time.

Terry goes to court for the false Order of Protection my STBX and son placed on him. We have 2 witnesses that are going to give us statements. It should go well since he had witnesses.

I can't wait for a boring life... There is always something...

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