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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

What is abuse?

What is abuse?

Abuse defined can mean many things, e.g.:

1) Abuse of power
2) Substance abuse
3) Physical
4) Mental
5) Verbal
6) Sexual
7) Religion
8) Financial
9) Cyber

If you talk to or listen to experts on the subject, you will find there is an escalation of these. People from every gender, age, and ethnic background are affected. There are states and countries with various organizations or out-reach campaigns promoting awareness and services.

However, many thousands remain silently victimized ashamed, afraid, and unwilling to come forward to share their story due to fear of retaliation, disbelief, or support of the legal system, family and friends.

Making a radical change is a start but how does one begin? How does one make that leap to talk?

Perhaps you have not been directly affected by abuse have you ever wondered how you can help?

Supporting all involved is an excellent start. Writing to your local government officials to begin to make change with legislature to help victims, start programs to educate those that are abusers, or revamping the current programs.

See what support your local community does to promote activities for those in need, such as fundraisers or events.

Share stories from victims and Survivors. Donate your time and talents to your local shelter. Consider donating items that are desperately needed for both the guests and shelter.

Pray and listen to victims, Survivors, and even the abusers. Empathy for the abuser sounds odd I’m sure. There is a cycle of abuse that began at some point in that person’s life, triggered by substance abuse, a medical condition, or from being victimized. This doesn’t give an excuse for the behavior or justify it. It can help find a help and break the chain of abuse.

Finding an end to abuse is the goal to ending many senseless murders, assaults, and injuries. We are still a long way from meeting this goal but it starts with each one of us to make change.

Learn more about this topic or many others at https://facebook.com/hopewhentherewasnone

Stay safe!

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Anxiety attacks and Panic attacks- Do you know the difference?

I can't rightfully say my healing journey is over. I haven't had a Panic attack in several years now. I've kicked the nightmares to the curb. Not having these were a BIG deal for me. It meant no longer feeling as though my ex had power over me. It meant being able to not worry about being triggered by songs, smells, holidays, and more. You can find the video of this post here-
Panic/Anxiety attacks. Differences and what you can do about them.

It is said that half of the time you were in that toxic relationship is how long you need to heal. Example: If you were in a 20-year relationship with someone then 10 of those years will be healing.

Anxiety attacks, happen over a longer period of time. Some of the symptoms are:
Tense muscles
Hard time sleeping
Finding it hard to concentrate
Feeling rage at times
Substance abuse
Feeling suicidal

Panic attacks, usually come on fast and can be intense. Symptoms may include:

You may feel as though you are having a heart attack with chest pain or discomfort
Heart palpitations
Feeling as though you are losing control
Feeling as if you are dying

There are many more symptoms for both and each person experiences something entirely different than another person.  I had no idea I was having a Panic attack until I was taken to the hospital. At the time I was still living with my ex back in 2006. I thought I was having a heart attack. It was so scary!

So what can you do?

Here are some tips to help heal from an attack-

Tell someone! It can be a trusted friend or relative but do tell someone. It is especially important to share with your co-workers/boss so they are aware of your situation.

Practice deep breathing. It is important to remember to breathe or even to start humming/singing during this time. It's hard to do but using distractions is important.

Start a meditation practice

Find a "Happy place". This could be a warm and fuzzy memory, something funny or something that makes you feel good.

Journal or write down your thoughts

Take care of your body by eating things that are good for you. Cut down on caffeine, sugar and processed foods. Look for herbal teas that can help relax you, such as Chamomile or drink flavored water.

Find a mantra that can help you change your focus during an attack.

Pop in a funny movie or find a stream/video that makes you laugh.

What can you do when you feel an attack coming on?

A popular thing to do is the 54321 techniques:

5 things you can see in the room with you.
4 things you can feel (The chair on your back or your feet on the floor).
3 things you can hear at that moment (Fingers tapping on a keyboard or TV).
2 things you can smell or 2 things you can think of.
1 good thing about yourself

Afterward, focus on what caused your panic attack. These are also referred to as "Triggers". It is something that sets you off emotionally which activates your memory. Ask yourself these questions:

Was it a smell?
Are you feeling stressed or anxious?
Try to recognize how your body feels before and during the attack.

Use essential oils to help!

Back to deep breathing. Keep a paper lunch bag with you to slowly breathe in during an attack. If no bag is available you can use your hand.

What can you do if a loved one is experiencing from these?

It can be scary to experience these and even scarier to watch. Your loved one may be having trouble breathing or become unresponsive, you may notice shaking, crying, or they may feel sick.

Be patient! These can last minutes or longer.

Sit them down if they are standing.

If you are in a crowd find a quiet spot and wait for them to calm down. This may mean you just sit and watch them. Knowing what your person likes is important. Meaning do they like to be hugged? For some hugging is reassuring and for another person, this could be a trigger depending on the trauma they experienced.

Gently tell them to breathe slowly and breathe with them so remind them they will be okay.

Use humor, sing something softly or find some essential oils to help calm them.

Talk in short sentences during this time. Don't expect a long conversation.

What you shouldn't say:

Just calm down!
Stop panicking!
Stop being a drama king/queen.
Just think positive.
Get over it already!
Don't make fun or light of them.

Call for medical attention if unresponsive!

I hope these tips and suggestions help you. There are other healing techniques you can find.

Theta healing
Crystals and many more!

Find what works for you. Remember you are not alone. If you need to talk there is help.

Stay safe!

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Small steps to healing after an abusive relationship

After you leave an abuser there is a time of growth if you put in the work. You will see signs of abuse from others around you. Toxic people will seem to come out of the walls. What is happening is an awakening in you! This is a good thing! Now it won't happen overnight. Part of figuring it all out is digging deep within and learning how to fight fair, how to handle difficult people, healing yourself and children. 

Now there are some victims/Survivors that never seem to break free of the cycle and they end up repeating the mistakes they made in previous relationships. This can get passed down to the next generation. Or there can be bitterness and brokeness that never heals causing the victim/Survivor to have an attitude of "Nothing ever goes right or I always choose losers or even that they will never find anyone that will treat them right."

The wonderful news is that it doesn't have to be that way! Making tiny changes in your life daily can make a HUGE impact going forward. You can do this without breaking the bank! I promise! How?

Search out podcasts, blogs, online groups, books (visit your local library to take out books or request books! Visit second-hand stores, or yard sales for discounted books), and videos (Hit YouTube Baby!)that deal with abuse but don't stop there! Sometimes these can get pretty heavy so take a break from those. There could be triggers in various posts or what you see or hear just may continue to open your wounded heart. So, step back and listen/read motivational posts or memoirs. 

Shake it up with watching something funny. I love watching older comedies that I don't have to worry about the content being too edgy (bad words or sexual scenes). You can find me catching I love Lucy, The Carol Burnette Show, Golden Girls, Fresh Prince, Friends, and there are more.  

Turn on the radio and dance! If you have littles, have them busta move with you!

Grab some paper and pen and start journaling. A recent guest on my podcast, Dyanne Kelley shared that setting the timer for as little as 5 minutes can help you learn much about yourself. Find that here-Dyanne Kelley of Soulfire Woman

Get outside kick off your shoes and ground yourself! As little as 15 minutes a day you can recharge your body! This can help with anxiety, health challenges, and can be a mood booster. 

Find your tribe! Kick those naysayers to the curb. This may mean you disconnect with long-time "friends" or family members. Connect with local support groups or online groups to make positive connections. 

Pick up a new hobby or dust off an old one!

Get out and travel! Just grab the kids/furbaby, and hit the road. Even if it's just an hour away. Sometimes a change of scenery can work wonders. Hitting the beach or lake can be rejuvenating as well. 

These are all simple steps you can take back your life. As time goes on (finances too!)consider going to counseling, volunteering at a shelter to share your story, joining motivational/empowerment workshops or retreats.

In other news, I have been busy with bringing experts and Survivors of abuse to you! You can find these on my YouTube channel, or the video section of Hope when there was none and Melinda Kunst

There is a mighty group of Survivors that I started a bit ago. It is closed and for women only to help with building up your spirit. Many are from various stages of recovery some are still trapped but planning on leaving others have made leaps and bounds with their healing journey. I invite you to join us here- Hope when there was none group

Whatever your journey, know that I am cheering you on! Stay safe and stay strong!

Love ya,

Saturday, March 9, 2019

I will not be silenced

Over 10 years ago there was a "me" that many of you would not recognize if you saw her. That lady was unsure of herself, felt depressed, suicidal and losing hope. Celebrating my recent "Survivalversary" was a HUGE milestone for me and my girls! 

Catch the video here-10-year Survivalversary! To step out of my comfort zone a little more, I have been reaching out to Podcasters, Bloggers, and other social media news outlets to share my story. 

I was honored by a local Facebook group to be interviewed. When it posted I received more "Shares" than any of my other posts! I was humbled by the victims, Survivors, and several parents of victims that reached out to me after reading that article. Not only that but a person from my past began to post some nasty and opposite comments. I never saw them but the kind fellow that ran the page did. He was threatened with legal action and took the post down. 

So, what's a Survivor to do? She remembers that she copied and pasted most of the article to her Instagram account! Here is a bit of what caused the ruckus:

Me & Lt. Dan the Wonder Goat
“He likes the dark side; not the human side,” Melinda says, talking about her ex-husband. “I suffered every kind of abuse – verbal, physical, sexual.” Melinda is a survivor of domestic abuse and now shares her story, writes, and helps other victims of abuse. She is also a super cheerful, welcoming, warm person. “My husband was charming, smart and friendly, and a psychopath – like Ted Bundy. He told me that if I ever left him, he had chosen a spot to bury my body.” It took Melinda 18 years to leave him. “He didn’t just threaten me, but also the children and my family. He called me horrible names, hit me, beat me, told me I was worthless and said the world would be a better place if I walked in front of a bus… And at times I thought about doing just that.” 

Now, Melinda is happily married to Terry and lives in Newton County, Indiana. “Terry is Mr. Awesome,” she says, beaming. “Every day is great.” One of the challenges Melinda faced in deciding to leave her ex-husband were feelings of shame. “I worried what people would think, especially after staying with him for so long.” Once she did leave, she found, "Everyone was very supportive." After talking with Melinda for a while, she told me, “The abuse started before I got married, It began with my stepfather when I was four. My mother never knew... It was hard to tell her.” You can read Melinda's blog, "Hope when there was none"

Not to be deterred I am continuing to share anywhere I can so others know they are not alone and to bring light onto a dark subject. There can be healing! It takes time, patience, and a conscious choice to want to shake off the negative armor that has been holding onto you for so long. Breaking the patterns of abuse in your life from a partner, friend, parent, co-worker or family member is done in small stages. Find what healing modality works for you! What worked for me may not work for you.


Journal- I can't tell you how eye-opening and wonderful this healing tool was for me. There were many tear soaked pages but this was my favorite and most effective healer for me.

Counseling/Therapy/Holistic healing

Medication- If you have medical issues or mental health challenges

Grounding- Or just getting outside for 5 minutes or more a day

Music- Put on some positive tunes and dance/sing

Buy yourself some flowers/something special

Learn a new hobby/career

Create a Bucket List- see mine here My Bucket List

Make a Vision board make a list of your dreams/goals

Go break or throw something- Dishes/Furniture/Rocks- make sure it is in a safe place and yours! There is something freeing about thinking about a situation or your ex and doing this. A friend shared that there is a place in our area where you pay $30 to blow off steam by breaking things!

Gun range/lessons/paintball

Self-defense/martial arts class

Support group in your area/online- These can get pretty heavy and you may need to step away from them from time to time. 

Call a friend or support person

Read a good book- Choose a self-help/inspirational book

Play a game/watch a video/TV- Something uplifting

Positive Affirmations

Mirror work

Arts n' Crafts

Play instrument


If you have children that were exposed to abuse, even if they didn't see the abuse, kids are smart they probably heard you and could feel the tension. Get them involved in your healing! They need this too!

These are a few things you can do for yourself/kids. There are oodles more and if you have questions or would like more ideas please drop me a line. Before I go here is a shameless plug:

Purchase "Call me Master- A memoir of escaping abuse" and "Rising from the Ashes- Awakening the beauty of life after abuse" here Amazon.


I do offer my books free in PDF form for victims and Survivors. If you do honor me with a purchase of my books, 100% of the proceeds of "Call me Master" goes back into my local community group 

Heart to Heart Outreach has an AMAZING team of gals that creates baskets of toiletries, kitchen and bath items for Survivors to start over. If you are interested in the PDF version please message me privately. I do also have these available for my group members- Hope when there was none Group which is a closed group focusing on self-love and healing. Stay safe! Feel free to message me if you have any questions or just want to connect with me. 



Monday, January 14, 2019

I was married to a Psychopath and lived to tell about it

Taken March 2009
I wandered around a small pond on a beautiful sunny afternoon. I should be soaking up the beauty that Spring day in May of 2007. Instead, I was walking back to my car after crying buckets. I was feeling sorry for myself and add in a dash of guilt for leaving my then 15-year marriage. 

I ran away from my husband, going to the nearest shelter. Now there were questions ran through my head, was I being irrational? 

Maybe I imagined things were wrong in my relationship or it wasn't as bad as I thought. Perhaps the Ladies at the women's shelter didn't know what they were talking about (Yes, I really pondered that one)I questioned every memory, the fights, the promises that he would change, and where do I go from here?

About that time my cell chirped, I about jumped to the sky. My nerves were shot, every little sound and person that came near me scared me. I wasn't expecting calls nor did I want to talk to anyone.

I looked at the caller id and saw that it was from the hospital where "he" was. He had been admitted the day before for observation for attempting suicide after I hadn't returned home. 

Despite my best judgment, I answered. 

The voice on the other line was female. She introduced herself as one of the doctors evaluating "him" and wanted to reach out to provide me with an update of current findings that she found particular. 

She went on to describe the many DSM-IV (Diagnostic and
See Difference between Sociopath and Psychopath
Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 4th edition). He fit in the category for Depression, Intermittent Explosive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety, Borderline Personality Disorder, and more. 

My mind was spinning. I had no words. I was not sure how to feel. When she asked if I was still on the line, I stuttered that I was but was digesting all of this news. With that, she asked if I was okay and advised she had even more concerns. I nodded as if she could see me. She went on to ask if I knew who Ted Bundy was. Biography- Ted Bundy

I didn't understand. I asked said yes but what does that have to do with anything. I was puzzled and caught off guard by her question and saying of course. 

Her next comment floored me and threw me for a loop. "Melinda, this is between me and you but his obsession and fixation with you are not healthy. You need to stay away from him. What also causes my concern is his Psychopath tendencies. I compare him to Ted Bundy. He is charming, smart, and seems friendly."

My throat felt tight. I couldn't say anything. My mind was reeling! I forgot to breathe. She was going on and on but her voice became fuzzy. I couldn't comprehend more. It seemed unbelievable the news frightened me while at the same time I felt relieved. It wasn't in my head! I was experiencing situations that were due to him. 

Did I stay gone? No! I went back. I was won by pleading from his Mom. She said that he was sick and needed help to get better she had promises of change now that he was prescribed medication. Two months later I left for a second time after he moved in a sister wife. You heard me right! And I do not blame his Mom at all, she believed his promises too. 

I know you're shaking your head. That situation was also crazy and weird. As quickly as it happened she left. I realized my mistake of coming back that second time and began planning to leave for good. Believe or not I had hit rock bottom. I was suicidal with a twisted thought I wouldn't survive another year if I stayed. I was torn do I take my own life or do I just let him?

I left for good in February of 2009. 

I am ashamed to admit for well over two decades I was raped, suffered other sexual, verbal, emotional/mental, financial, and physical abuse. I allowed myself to not only be treated in such a way but to continue to stay on. Believe it or not, I felt sorry for my abuser! I believed him when I was told I would be ruined if I ever left him. That I would only be good for something if I was on my knees and I would never make it without him. 

During the time I stayed with him I was threatened to have my life, the lives of my children and loved ones taken. This threat followed after I left. I was physically stalked and cyberstalked. I was the target of a "Hit". 

Stories he generated to new friends and anyone that would listen painted me out to be the abuser. Even turning away my eldest Son against me. He went on to say I made up stories that he molested our eldest Daughter after she shared this heartbreaking information with me many years later. He told others that I was loose and possibly on drugs.

Yes, I stayed and believed his promises. I made choices that I thought would help our relationship. I made choices that I thought would help me break free without guilt. 

Should I have listened to my guts early on and just left? Yes. Should I have left sooner? Yes. Would I have saved myself decades of sadness? Yes. Is there still shame? Yes. Are there regrets? You betcha! 

What is done is done. I can't take back any of my own actions or how I handled situations. But, when I left that last time I saved my Daughters lives by leaving. I took back my life, dignity, and respect. 

This is a bit of my story. Can you relate? Now don't compare your story to mine. Just because you didn't experience the range of abuse that I had, don't think that maybe your situation isn't "that bad". Love Bug, abuse is abuse no matter how you try to make excuses for it. 

Dear One if any of this resonant with you and you want to talk privately, please message me here or on my Facebook page- Hope when there was none.

If you are in an emergency situation contact the police! Don't hesitate or wait until it is too late!

Here are some other great organizations that can help you-
Safe Horizon
National Domestic Violence

Visit my page Hope when there was none page for tips and inspiration. Find my 10-year Survivalversary video here-10-years out

I do have a closed support group on Facebook is for women of any age who are victims/Survivors of Abuse for healing and self-care.  Please message me privately here or on the Hope when there was none page to join. 

Please stay safe! Know you are not alone and that you are not to blame!


P.S.- Can you help me by sharing this and commenting? My goal is to reach anyone that is not sure if they want to leave. I would really appreciate it!

*Find my books, "Call me Master" and "Rising from the Ashes" here- Amazon and visit my Facebook Author page for upcoming book releases, events or to book a speaking engagement here-Author page

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Tips for leaving your abuser

Hello Love Bug! Let me tell you how proud of you that I am! You are taking the first step just by reading this information. At this stage, it can be scary for you! The fear of leaving, possible repercussions if he/she finds you, how are you going to live, or now what questions may be running through your mind. 

This is going to be a LONG post. I will be creating a video that you can find later this afternoon here- Hope when there was none

Before you drop the bombshell think about:
* Is this relationship worth saving? Now hear me out! Is it that your partner is violent or upsetting when he/she is drinking/using drugs? Are they a bully and don't realize it? Have you gone through counseling to resolve the issue? I hate for relationships to end of course abuse is unacceptable. These are factors to consider. My first thought is to leave but for some, they wish to see if they can make it work. Remember this, you can not make this person your project to "fix". They have free will. If you/friends/family have pointed out the negative behavior and they don't wish to change there is your answer.

* Leaving while your partner isn't home or going to be gone for a long time.

* Alerting work/school about your situation.

* Gather important papers. If you are concerned your partner will notice these are gone make copies of the original and leave the copies! 

Here are ideas:
Marriage/Birth certificates 
Social Security cards
Bills- Student loans, Credit cards, medical
Financial records
Medical records/shot records
Pay stubs
Income tax records
Mortgage/Rent contract
Business contacts/info 
Have an old school paper type of phone book with contacts- Note an emergency contact!
Car registration/Insurance
Medical insurance cards
Investment info/401k
Old protective orders- this shows there were past problems
Bankruptcy discharges
Any other legal info- lawsuits, tickets, summons, immigration paperwork/green cards, custody papers
History of the violence- include pictures and note the dates

Make a plan to send these to a P.O. Box that your partner does not know about or give to a trusted friend/family member.

* Set up a new email address or make sure you change your passwords (change to an affirmation! Iamstrong, Iamenough)See my video here- Using Affirmation passwords.

* Open a bank account prior to leaving if you can. Personally, I squirreled away $25.00 over many months to open one before I left my abuser. I had the statements going to my new address at my sister's house. Now, you can have them come electronically so your abuser won't know.

* If you have a place to go, start taking things to your new digs. These are things that will go unnoticed, such as seasonal clothing, mementos, toys/games for the kids, extra food, bedding/towels, anything that you can think of that won't be missed. 

Let's say it's "Leave time", here are some things to consider, now this should not be taken lightly and I would also suggest that you reach out to law enforcement and/or a Women's shelter for tips, suggestions, and other resources. 

1) How will your partner react to the news? Will there be physical harm if you leave? Or will you be asking your partner to leave? You may consider leaving by a police escort. This means you leave ASAP! No dilly-dallying to grab a toaster, the TV, or photos. These are just things, what is important is you and your children (or furbabies).

2) This kinda goes with #1. Are there weapons in the house? VERY IMPORTANT! If your partner has a gun and you suspect he/she may use it please make sure you tell the police or hide the darn thing from him/her. Which may tick your partner off too! Or make sure you are not fighting in the area where a weapon can be easily grabbed.

3) Know your space! Don't get pushed into a corner, room with no windows, or without an exit! Curling up into a tight ball may seem like a cowards way but protecting your head with your arms/hands and other vital organs can be important if need be. Also, don't wear long necklaces or scarves this can be used to strangle you!

4) Make sure your kids are in a safe place. This may mean that you don't go where they are hiding. If you do run to them this may bring the violence to them! Teach your child 911, the address, and your names. 

5) Keep your phone on you or by you and turned on! Make sure it is charged. 

6) Know your neighbors or ask your family for help. Some folks don't want to get involved and that is okay but if you are able to ask if they hear anything, see a visual cue (maybe you can turn a certain light of), or create a safe word to use in the event of danger. 

7) Back into your parking spot. Keep it fueled. Have a set of extra keys hidden in there somewhere. There are magnetic key holders! Put in a spot that won't be obvious. 

8) Have a "Go bag" ready. This will have a 3 day supply of clothes, toiletries, extra meds, a bit of food, and cash. Read more about this here- Personal survival kit/Survival kit

9) Consider having a friend or family member stay with you while you break the news. I highly advise instead to leave when your partner is not home. This all sounds like cloak and dagger type of stuff because it is! I'm not going to lie to you! 

10) You may not want to tell the kids until the day you are leaving. I would consider the age and maturity of your child. 

This can serve 2 things: 
* They won't spill the beans beforehand. 
* They won't be upset or act awkward before you leave. 
* Are you having behavior issues with your child? They may be exhibiting habits from your abuser! It is not uncommon nor is it uncommon for a child to threaten to "tell on you! 

This is a BIG event your their life! They may feel sympathy for your abuser. If they are older you will want to give them a choice. Now, before you flip me off, listen. This child may end up being turned against you or already is. The danger may not be worth you taking him/her with. I know it sounds terrible! Trust me, I have been in your shoes! 

11) You/kids may have to talk to police, attorneys, GAL's, or social workers about your story. You may feel like a victim all over again. Your partner may spin the table and make "you" the instigator. This can be traumatic for you/kids. There could be symptoms of PTSD, Stockholm Syndrome, Learning disabilities, other health issues related to the abuse that could escalate during this time. Counseling can help! See a licensed professional. 

I know this is a LOT to digest. Planning in advance has its advantages. The disadvantage is staying longer. Waiting for the right time. You may not have a choice and have to go. In either case please be careful! You may also think that the abuse you are going through "Is not that bad". Or that it's only he/she says bad things and doesn't hit you. Perhaps it is that you have no control over your finances. Maybe they use mind games. 

This is all abuse. It doesn't matter if you have a bruise or broken bone. What matters is if you are willing to stay in this relationship for the rest of your life. Are you ready to allow your kids to keep experiencing this? Will they repeat the pattern?

Don't be surprised if friends/family you thought were on your side back off or take your partner's side or "spy" for him/her. 

Lastly and most importantly, talk to your kids during this time. Let them know they are not to blame, none of this is their fault and that what is happening with your partner is not acceptable behavior and violence is not okay.

If you have any other questions or concerns please drop me a message privately here or my page Hope when there was none. I also have a private group for victims/Survivors if you are interested to let me know and I will add you. 

Check out my video for 72 hour safety tips after leaving an abusive relationship

I'm praying for you!

God bless and stay safe!

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Why couldn't I have married Al Bundy instead of my abuser?

Okay! I didn't honestly wish that. But, hear me out, Al had his faults:

He drank but he didn't come home slap Peg or the kids around or call them names.

He was crude- He was off color and was skimming the creepy side of checking out women.

Made some really bad decisions- Despite this, he almost always came up on top in the end.

He was always dreaming of hooters- He still was faithful and came home to Peg.

He was a shoe salesman but he had a job.

He loved his family- There was a moral to the plot as campy as they were.

If there was a situation that didn't end well he made up with Peg and the kids.

I know that is not real life, but around the time of the Huxtable's (Pre-scandal) and Keaton's, this was about the time I wished I had a family and husband like those TV families. I would have settled for Al! Do you know what I mean? 

Al and the other TV husband's I could handle being married to. Living from day to day in the life I was at that time was scary! There was never a moment when we had bliss without an underlying thought of when is he going to fly off the handle? 

Oh, the list of 'Why did I not leave sooner" is as long as my arm. Reflecting back things had to end as they did. I feel I am at this pivotal point where I am honestly comfortable with that amazing woman in the mirror. She stepped out of faith and took a leap though she was scared and fearful. Letting go and trusting God while skeptical is not easy. This took a lot of thought! You would think this would be a no-brainer, but it was an inner fight with my spirit to say, "I'm gone!" Now, I can say that I do this not only for serving my God, but to be a voice for those that are forever silenced by abuse.  

If you are teetering, I get it! I've been there, got the t-shirt and the postcard. If you can make a plan to leave. Get in touch with your local shelter for tips and suggestions. Contact the police department for help, many departments have advocates that can help. Of course, there are times you just have to go ASAP! 

I started a Facebook group that want to talk connect with other Overcomers and victims. I'm changing the group settings to private. If you are interested message me privately on my page- Hope when there was none. I hope to add Ladies that are coaches, business mavens, or visionaries that can also share information with members. Not as a buy this program informercial but to help. I'm putting feelers out for this one. 

Is there a topic that you would like to see here? Let me know!

Wherever you are on your journey please stay safe, Dear One. I believe in you!


*Have you ever wondered why I leave a picture of me? It's not a vanity thing. I leave a picture so you can put a face to abuse. I share it to remind you that I could be your neighbor, friend, or family member. I leave my picture because I'm alive to do so. I survived and want you to know that you can too!*