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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Positive Affirmations for Victims

Making the decision to leave is not easy. It is filled with much anxiety, indecision, fear and sadness. As a mixed bag of emotions that can leave you not sure and doubting yourself.  On one hand you don't want to leave. Your filled with regret or sympathy, or you may think if you give one more chance...

Oh you can second guess yourself into staying. As I said in many other posts if you can't leave for you, (if you have kids) leave for the children. Break the cycle of violence!

Here are some great Positive Affirmations I have found-

Knowledge is power, know your opponent. Act, do not react. Take the offensive, not the defensive. Realize your strenght and trust yourself.

I am doing something I believe in, and it doesn't exactly match your plan. Call me later when you want ot discuss the issues. It's your job to fix your life.

When I am treated with dignity and respect, then I will make a choice to have him in my life. Until he does, he is completely out.

Inner peace

Trust your intution

Do what is right not necessarily easy...

Don't second guess yourself

Know that the destination is always easier then the journey

Just take yourself out of the relationship in one piece if you can. All that other stuff can be replaced.

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