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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Positive Affirmations , a new Vision Board and 5 goals!

I recently spoke with a friend of mine, Kristy, even as I heard her voice I just started to tear up and bawl. She asked me why I was crying, I said I was worried about she and I talking. The tears just kept on coming! She is such an easy going and loving person, so there was no reason for my emotions to be so crazy!

We talked for almost an hour, updating one another on what's going on in each other's lives and so on. She reminded me to get back into working on my Positive Affirmations as well as creating another vision board (Inspiration board). She never once told me to stop blubbering or that I was screwing up. We discussed my low self esteem issues, I know I have a hard time not looking in the mirror and not liking the person I see in the mirror.

I see too many wrinkles, crooked teeth, way too many white hairs, dark circles (allergies I have been told), ruddy skin, stretch marks, cellulite and more! (TMI I know!) I fail to see anything that resembles beauty (Not like a model!)in me. Terry says I have a smile that lights up a room, but I don't see that. I have a bad habit of looking down when I speak to people. My confidence is in the toliet. I constantly question my own decision, I back down from doing things because of fear that I will fail. I blindly leap at times but manage to take small jumps instead of going for gold. I doubt everything I do.

I know God doesn't make junk! I know in my heart I need to find myself. I know I need to feel loved, it's like a craving! She picked right up on me telling the girls they are beautiful and wonderful but I can not do the same for me!
Not that I need to feel vain or big headed. I want to feel comfortable in my own skin. I am not talking about someone beeping they're horn at me. No that kind of love or attention. I'm looking for more then skin deep. I need to seek out the beauty of my soul.


I know the destination is always easier then the journey
I am worthy of love and respect
I trust my intuition
I am on the right path at the right time
I have the power to change my destiny
I am doing what is right not necessarily easy
I am strong
I am filled with a positive spirit
I have God around me to show me signs and wonder daily
I have the power to choose the course of my life
I find happiness and joy everyday
I am a money magnet! Finding money where I go!
I will forge ahead and look back as little as possible
I am making meaningful relationships with honest and loving people
All I need is provided

You can search for positive affirmations online and trust me there are a slew of them out there! I joined http://www.prayables.com/ for inspiration and prayers. As well as a few Positive confidence newsletters for women to help me on my journey!

My goals are small right now-

1) Find a image to fit both Doula and Craft business
2) Finish cleaning out the fridge
3) Call cancel appt with Jim
4) Call Robyn
5) Create blog for both businesses


My vision board-
I created several over the past 3 years. Each one changes in some small way depending on my needs or where I picture myself. I do keep a picture of them or physically keep them so I can look back and see what has happened or what still seems a world away!

I clip out words, pictures, poems, thoughts or anything that seems to strike my fancy! Powerful words do really well to inspire me, such as Strong, Wisdom, Hope, Love, Good Health... I added sequince, some pearls, a few pieces of bling and of course my ultimate favorite! GLITTER!

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