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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I sent an email...

I sent an email to STBX's family which I will probably post here later. Not even 10 mins later guess who texts me... You guessed it. My Gaslighter! He is demanding that I give him all the emails I sent the letter to. He is acting as his own Attorney.
Text messages
He said-
I as my own lawyer am going to need a list of every email u sent this letter to. And so u know. M was taken to the police the day of the incident and the

I responded-
Stop texting me I do not give you permission.

He was not done with his thought-
police called the house to talk to Terry and even though u where their u did not answer. Their is a police report. I thank u for your email. I will bring it all up in court.

I responded-
Good bring it I will not be there  good night (I am assuming he is talking about Terry's court date)

He texted-
I am contacting business of being my own lawyer. And i think tottal income disclosure would be fine.

I responded-
Cool that is only if you decide not to just let thngs go

He responded-
I will take this as a threat. It seems you are very unperdictibal. But as my own lawyer I need the list of emails.

I responded-
Good bye R file a motion

He has sent a few more text messages about how he is unemployed since Christmas, That the girls have to live with that "mad man" that Terry is unstable and he will not rest until his doughters r away from him. I will agree to a foster home rather than them being with him. Did Ter bother to tell that he drove buy the house the other day.

WOW! Imagine that Terry a mad man! ROTFL! He would know first hand! GIGGLE! He is still rambling on about how M is scared and how scary Terry is. Really? I know first hand what it is to be scared of someone. I still look over my shoulder. Was M really scared that they drove by our apartment on Monday. He is also asking for a mental eval for me. No worries. He is a sad man grasping and I don't want to be involved with him anymore. He claims to worry about his children. Lies. Why drive past our apartment if they were worried? And supposedly he is engaged! Poor woman! She doesn't know what she is in for! And seriously going to ask for the girls to be taken away to a foster home? He does not have control and he wishes to exert whatever he can be puffing himself up. Saying I'm mental and that we are harming the girls. Sounds like typical Abuser moves. He is very text book and it is sad. I wished him well and to move on... Note to follow

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