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Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter, inlaws, STBX and Order of Protection GRRFACE!

J had a call earlier about Easter tomorrow at my in-laws. Long story short, in theory, I called back a few hours later to let her know that the girls could come, but to please as usual, make sure STBX was not there before or after we dropped them off.

She said she can't do that, everyone will be there and it will be dinner time. I told her, we didn't have a problem before why is it different now. She said, she didn't know. I said, I don't know what to do then. I don't know what to tell you was her reply. I guess they aren't coming then was my response. We both said ok and hung up.


Now things were pretty good between my in-laws and I. As I mentioned in a previous post STBX is making false allegations, pretending he is this "VICTIM" of long term abuse by "ME!"  HAHAHAHA!

He is a 300 lb man that doesn't take crap from anyone. He has threatened to burn his parents home down in 2009 if she allowed me to visit they're home. About 4 to 6 months ago things were fine, now all of a sudden something changed. I am tempted to call her, but you know I don't think I will waste my breath. As I mentioned blood is thicker then water. I am frustrated and confused at the sudden change. Apparently she thinks all I want to do is get her son in trouble.


HMMMM! The man is a total mental case, not something I am just rattling off as a mean wench it is black and white on paper. He is psychotic, delusional, was diagnosed in 2007with Intermitten Explosive Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, Sex addict, Obsessive and Borderline Personality Disorder. His first psychatrist warned me never to take him back. I didn't heed his words and fell for his charms again. Feeling sorry for him. Oh I can go on and on...

The thing is every stinking time that man has had me alone or in close range he has lashed out at me in some way. So now I need to trust that he won't try something now? OH WAIT! If he hasn't done anything by now he won't right? At least that is what he is telling everyone.

The man used to see people coming out of the walls, hear voices, see bugs that weren't there, (He would wake me up in a panic and we would rip the room apart looking for this "bug"), he would see writing in red on the ceiling or walls but he could not tell what language it was. He saw shadows, he was paranoid that people were outside watching us or following us. Or someone was viewing us through our TV or Webcam when they weren't on.

I lived with this man for over 17 years! I think I know him, I know how he ticks, I knew when to stay out of his way. I didn't know while I wasn't home what he was doing to those kids! I didn't know he was threatening them not to tell me about him hitting M or J or yelling at them. They were not allowed to call me. He didn't like the fact they "Liked" me better. I'm just peeved now. I'm sure they will use this in court that I am witholding visits. Great! I have no issue with them visiting I just want to ensure they can be dropped off safely. OH BETTER YET I just had an idea... BOOHAHAHAHA!

I need to make sure I am safe and the kids are safe at all times. I don't want any incidents of any kind to ruin a visit, so I had an idea... I have to make a call first to see if it is do-able...I'll let you know how it went! It's legal!

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