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Friday, April 22, 2011

Saw a church lady...

Our youngest had a Lunch with the Bunny day last Saturday, we had a good time, I was running a bit late getting there, the girls walked down to the school on they're own to jump into fun. The baby was sleeping and if you have had kids you do know not to interrupt a nap! After he woke up we went down to see the girls.

I saw a woman that I used to know from church working one of the little games. I said Hi! And asked how she was doing. She said she did not recognize me but she seemed kind of put off or distant towards me. Not the first time I have encountered this. I can only imagine what STBX had told the church members. I had a good friend that I broke off ties with. I should have told her why. I was concerned that STBX would harass her during church. She had mentioned a few times she was uncomfortable with him and did not want to be alone with him. This was soon after I left him. I feel guilty at not giving her a reason why I had blew her off. She and I got along so well!

I have not heard one peep out of him since court and I am so relieved! I am glad! No nasty emails or text messages or voice mails. YEA! I would love for him to give up his rights as he mentioned in a previous email to the GAL. No child support? I don't care. I really do not wish to see or hear from him ever again.

I heard about his family and how they now think I am the one that caused the divorce or something along those lines. That hurt my feelings alot. I was the one that always tried to mend fences between them, he would write them off, but I would try to encourage him to keep those ties open. I was the one that called his parents to see how they were or visit if they were sick or call for holidays and birthdays.  Blood is thicker holds true.

I have still not received anything about the Mediation. I did get the bill though, LOL! I also thought it was strange to receive another letter from the GAL about his removal from our case. I am thinking STBX must still be bugging him.

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