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Friday, April 15, 2011

Court update!

Court went better then expected! Of course everything still seemed up in the air. My STBX seemed upset that custody remains the same. He has trumped up charges of a death threat. I can not believe he is actually going to lie and have our son do the same! Falsifying any type of police reports or Protective Orders are punishable. On one hand I hope so! Serves him right! On the other hand my son is doing what he does because he longs for the love and approvale of a mad man. I mean that both literally and figurtively.

So, we are going to be assigned a Mediator! YEA! We both agree that we want to Finalize. BUT, the most humorous thing I heard was that he wants me to pay half of bills that HE LET GO! Such as the house that is repo'ed. SERIOUSLY! He let the house go because he did not want me to have it in the divorce. HMMM! He should have quite a pretty penny he is sitting on. He gets paid cash probably more then in the past. Just enough to squeak by from the Union Local 11. I have been told there is no way to prove it, no paper trails and no trace.

Of course he has money hidden, how else would you pay someone to stalk you and later kill you?

I have to say that I am still angry about my marriage. I do forgive, but I do not like the behavior. I do not like that he lies when he says he does not remember any of the abuse or being hostile. I'm sure he doesn't recall taking my car keys and cutting up my Drivers license and bank card so I would not leave the house. I'm sure he does not recall the allegations he threw at me about cheating with every Joe, Tom, Dick, Mary and Sally.

I'm being sarcastic! On the other hand I did get to see my son! And STBX says that M has been having more seizures and he has an appt for a neurologist in May. Please say a prayer for him! He said in court that he tried to reach me, but he couldn't reach me. WOW! He can email me! He can use M's phone to text me aggressively and he has my home phone. I smell a stinker! I keep remembering why I left that man! Thanks for the memories!

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