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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Definitions of variety of abuse

Do any of these fit you?

Physical abuse- 

The abuser's physical attack or aggressive behavior can range from bruising to murder. It often begins with what is excused as trivial contacts that escalate into more frequent and serious attacks. Examples-
  • hitting, slapping, punching, kicking
  • burning
  • strangulation
  • damaging valuable/personal property or throwing objects at a victim
  • refusing medical care or hiding medications belonging to a victim
  • pressuring or forcing a partner to use substances (e.g. drugs, alcohol)
  • use of weapons, including improvised objects (e.g. a lamp or string)

Emotional abuse- 
The abuser's psychological or mental violence can include anything that impacts the mental health and well being of their partner.
  • name calling, insults, put downs
  • crazy making, blaming the victim for everything
  • jealousy, unfounded accusations of cheating
  • intimidation
  • shaming, humiliation
  • socially isolating the victim from friends and family
  • getting angry if a victim does not immediately return calls
  • needing to know where the victim is at all times
  • following the victim without their knowledge
  • stalking
Sexual abuse-
Physical attacks by the abuser is often accompanied by, or culminates in, sexual violence wherein the survivor is forced to have sexual intercourse with the abuser or take part in unwanted sexual activity.
  • forcing a partner to perform sexual acts against their will, including having sex with other people, imitate pornography
  • pursuing sexual activity when the victim is not fully conscious, is not asked, or is afraid to say no
  • hurting their partner physically during sex or assaulting genitals
  • coercing a partner to have sex without protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases
Verbal abuse-
  • Calling you names and putting you down.
  • Yelling and screaming at you.
  • Intentionally embarrassing you in public.
  • Blaming your actions for their abusive or unhealthy behavior.
Do any of these fit you? Your not alone and your not going crazy! You can find help and break free! It does take a leap of faith to get there!  Please stay strong! View my other labels on tips to create a Go Bag or suggestions on how to leave an abuser! 

God bless!