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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gaslight's- Sociopath mind games

Ok so now you are wondering how can a person play mind games and get away with it? It is not uncommon in real life for someone play with your mind so much and and so well that you begin to doubt your sanity.

He/she may have you believe the sky is gray while it is sunny and the sun is shining.
He/she may tell lies about friends and family
He/she may tell you that you will never be anything unless you have them in your life

My Abuser would hide things he needed for work or tools he used around the house and later after I am ripping the house/garage/his truck apart, magically the item in question would appear. I would scratch my head and swear it was not where it was! My Abuser did admit that he did this later to me/kids. He thought it was funny. Of course the stress or names or the physical things he would do to me/kids until the items were found was nuts!

There are times you get so lost inside you lose yourself and your feeling of self worth is in the toliet! Escaping these things can be a challenge. Anytime you are in a domestic or family violence situation there is doubt you can make it. Your abuser may make you believe otherwise and you do doubt yourself!

Believe that you are not alone! Sadly there are thousands of people in your shoes, young, old, women, men, children, and even animals! Keeping quiet about your abuse will only allow your abuser to get away with continued abuse! If you can not leave for you and you have children. LEAVE FOR THEM! Don't wait! File police reports, take pictures and do not be silent anymore!

I sadly did not do a lot of this and I am having many problems. My Soon To Be Ex wants to have my girls removed from my home based on lies. The trouble is since I never filed a police report prior to my leaving him. In some cases I am having a hard time getting the court to believe me! Luckily I have family and some friends that recall instances of turmoil and this will help!

If you are being abused and just need to vent please email me privately...
Why Psychological Abuse Is Called Gaslighting


  1. I enjoyed reading your site. Most of all the poem.I had a friend who is a Sociopath. I did not know for over ten years. I found out when it was to late. He destroyed most of my life. I do not wont to write forever about it. But thank you for the poem once again.

  2. Thank you for sharing and your bravery to get out of that relationship.Please feel free to email privately if you ever care to share. BIG HUGS and thanks for reading my ramblings! God bless!

  3. I dated a socailpath for 5 years. He was a heroin addict and he employed many family members and these friends of his as negative advocates. He would tell his family I was crazy and infact it was him. he moved to north carolina two years ago and was suppose to return to nj. well i discovered cheating plotting gas lighting and more.i found out that he was a lie. it alk came out after his dad died from cancer this year. but alot of who he is has been revealed. now i see the real him. i tricked him into thinking i was so hurt that he hurt me. now he is gone and i hope i never see him or his family again

  4. WOW! I am proud of you for your courage. It sounds like you had a chapter in your life that is worth keeping closed! I pray for you and may you find inner peace! Thank you for sharing!

  5. No bruises/blood, no protection/freedom. Scared.

  6. I'm sorry! Please get help! Can you go or call your local DV shelter or Police Dept? It is easy for me to now say do these things but living in the moment of danger, it's hard! Don't give up! That is no way to live!

  7. Bad problem in today society....I can see where my own sociopathy has lead sociopaths to become obsessed with me....the good news is I'm fretting better...I may be murdered by a Psychopaths is the bad news...I grew up......some people don't.

  8. Katie,
    Do you have a case filed against your abuser?

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  10. Chance! I'm so happy to hear you are out! BIG HUGS to YOU! I too referred to my ex as"It" and some other rather colorful names.