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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Meeting time!

The GAL came and went! He talked to Terry and I for a brief second, coo'd at the baby and asked for the girls. Once they came out all 3 of them walked to the girls room to talk. I believe they talked for about a half hour or so. And then he left, letting us know he planned to stop by STBX's unannounced, we exchanged Good-bye's, that was it!

Terry and I were left hanging about what is going to happen next. The GAL did say on his way out that his recommendations still stand. Of course I recall him stating at the last Wellness hearing that the girls are to stay with me and our son with his father.

It's been nice and quiet and I can not wait for this to be over with! It has been super stressful and heartbreaking to see the kids going through this. The nightmares and memories from the past have haunted all of us here! God love Terry for his patience and warm heart. He has held me on more then one occassion as I have fallen apart from some bad dream, panic attack or crying fit.

So now we wait, I wait to hear about Legal Aid and if the Emergency court date is accepted!

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