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Friday, January 14, 2011

Hearings and Legal Aid

I applied for Legal Aid yestreday and have to wait 1 to 2 weeks to find out if my case is accepted.

Our GAL has filed for an Emergency Hearing for his status on the case as well as for the kids to speak to the Magistrate. STBX has been emailing the GAL so much with all sorts of lies it is not funny, but not surprising and sad. He doesn't want to be alone! This is one reason he wants our son and another reason is that he has promised to take away everything I hold dear.

After going back and forth via email with both the GAL and STBX (through his messages to the GAL) my brain was total mush over the past few days/week. I am so sad that my son seems lost to me. I have been told by many dear friends to keep my faith in that matter and I am. The GAL did contact me and asked for a face to face meeting on Thursday at our home, so I am anxious for that!

Visitation is Saturday and J (my middle daughter) is worried about it. She knows something is wrong, due to my bloodshot, tear streaked eyes and face. My mood has been kind of somber and stinky. Thank goodness Terry is by my side! He is such a rock for me. Though he is just as upset as I am.

My sister in law sent an email to the GAL about the past abuse as STBX was growing up. I am posting towards the bottom- Names are changed for legal reasons. On the bright side STBX sent an email to the GAL informing him that he would relinquish Parental rights to the girls. There is 2 things about this:

1) He does not want to pay for Child support at all
2) His claims that Terry is a child molester and that I am abusing the girls and our son have no credibility.
The claims do not hold water anyway. They are continued rantings from a man that has a mental illness.

In light of the Tucson, AZ murders I know more Psychotic disorders will be in the news. Though help for them is limited in many states. Despite some of STBX's family members wanting to commit him or find help for him you can not without jumping through many hoops. Frustrating all.

As for me STBX has "told" the GAL he wants me to have a psych evaluation of "his" choosing. Terry and I discussed it. I am waaayyy too close to this to be thinking rationally. But as Terry stated why do I need to worry? The court appointed therapist has found no reason to believe I have issues that would jeopardize my children. So why would it hurt? He is so right! So I emailed the GAL and said bring it on! Of course I worded it nicely! And as suggested I also included that the evaluation should be done by someone impartial to myself and STBX. And STBX should also have one! He had an evaluation to get him discharged from the hospital for a suicide attempt in 2009 but my then atty shot that down as it was not a true eval.

So in a nut shell we are waiting for a response from Legal Aid, waiting to see how tomorrow's visitation goes, and waiting to hear about court, I can not do paternity test as I am flat broke to spend anything right now in my budget. Ah! Legal Land... It's a frustrating thing...

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