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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

AGH!!!! I hate this!

The anticipation of another court date. My stomach is tied up in knots just thinking about it. I am trying to psych myself up and remind myself that all will be well. Knowing now that the silence on the other end is due to STBX finding this.

I liked it better when I heard he had a gf. It was bliss! Not a peep from him, no rantings about me coming back to him, or sinning against God or claims I am abusing him/kids or how Terry is brainwashing me. It was quiet. I long for a time when the only time I hear his name is years later. I know we will be entertwined until our youngest is 18 at least.

I am wishing for this date and the upcoming status date to be done. I am wishing for his craziness to be at a distance from us.

I found a youtube video that shook me up yestreday. It's a service announcement featuring Keira Knightley. It reminds me of a time...

I have been looking at emails all day from STBX and our son. I have to admit I am feeling pretty intense right now. Break out the Kleenex! Gaining confidence in my life has been a challenge. No it's not a pity party, it is me trying to find confidence not only in my appearance but success with business and my relationships. Google time for me!

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