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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month!

I am horrified by the headlines of National and Worldwide stories. Babies, children and young adults that are brutilized,  raped and beaten.These victims don't have someone to care or protect them. 

Recent stories of one 4 yr old have his penis taken off by an angry mom. Another beating her young son because she thought he was walking guy. 

Another child hung upside down, beaten with electrical cords, fists and left to die while his Mom and her boyfriend had sex, all because he didn't want to eat his breakfast. 

Or I heard of the news story yesterday of the Grandmother that was upset her 9 yr old grandchild wouldn't stop crying (I'm not sure why, I didn't hear the whole story) so she cut the child's throat with a circular saw. 

How about the parents that left a small baby in the car for 8 days without heat, food or water? 

The heartbreaking stories go on and on! What can you do? Your just one person?  Do me a favor, next time you see something that doesn't seem right or maybe you know of a family that harms a child (please make sure you know for sure and not just gossip). Tell the police, ask them to do a wellness check! You can ask the police to make sure you are anymous if you are concerned. 
Do something! BE BRAVE! Break the silence! You could save a life!

God bless! 

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