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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Educating my Abuser

Funny thing is while I have had blogs and during this time I have changed my blog home and each time my Gaslighter has found them. I am surprised that he has not made any comments on this one because in the past I have found nasty comments or bashing me for telling my story.

And then there are the times when I know he actually reads what I am saying. The bad thing is he is also learning. Much of the learning is way too late. And much of the learning is twisting things as well as trying to use them to his advantage. I have a bunch of things on my slate to write about but the worry is that he will use them when court time comes. HHHMMM! What's a girl to do?

Both of us are Pro Se, he is using some big words now. I am tempted to tell him that his clients is a total ass and he needs to fire him.  We are set for Mediation soon and supposedly we are to do this before our next court date on the 15th next month. The not so great thing is that I was informed that this is to be with him and I alone. No one is to go with us. I'm less then thrilled about this, I was assured they will protect me in the building, my ultimate concern is what happens when I leave the parking lot. I do know he has not paid his fee yet which will hold us up further.

So that's what is going on now...

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