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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Today's visitation

Police called.

STBX and J had words. She called the police. I'm proud of her! BUT she called not because he was yelling at her, because he was yelling at his Mom! WOW!

He told the police he was angry and got upset due to his discipling her verbally because she had said some "Choice words" to him. She called him an Ass, said she hated him and never wanted to see him again.

This blew him up! He said "Your Mother must be telling you what to say".
"I'm going to sue your Mother for custody of you kids".
"I will die to get you from your Mom's house"
"I would SLIT THE KIDS THROATS to keep them safe from Mom (me!)!

I couldn't believe no one told the police about that! I told my sister in law she better tell that to the police so they can put it in the report! Why isn't this man in jail yet?!

His Mom just went along with STBX's statement about J being rude. WHAT?! She wants her basement done. She did say before I left that she can't handle the stress of the visits and will not host again!

I spoke with one of the police and told them about what S overheard and hope she tells them.

My youngest has resorted to being quiet and she is scared. J is upset and angry that Grandma didn't have her back more.

I told the police a bit about our background and he was blown away. He couldn't get over it! Nor could he get over the fact that we are still tied up with court for our divorce and the visitation arrangements were nuts! I agreed but told him I have tried various avenues to no avail and since I'm Pro Se I feel really helpless and jerked around. It's hard to find help when once everyone finds out how unstable STBX is. No one wants to deal with a mad man.

There is more but I will have to wait until I talk to a few people and get a few things together. Say a prayer for us!

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