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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nice Girl Syndrome Chapter 1

Ok, so I'm reading this and really digging it. On one hand I want to stop reading because it hits so close to home with the various examples from others she uses. The other part of me wants to keep going since I KNOW I'm a PUSHOVER!

There is a simple test, of course if you answered so many of them with a "Yes" you need some help! I will post tomorrow. Sorry I'm pooped but wanted just to write a little about it. It actually reads really fast, I'm in Chapter 2 already but due to little man my time is limited. I swear I have a stack of books that I am choosing to read. Both for educating myself on the topics of birth (Doula), fun and self help.

And I did side track myself by letting off some steam and playing with Shrinky Dinks this evening. Oh and Hot in Cleveland was on. Nice diversions! (Visit www.lordblessmeplz.blogspot.com for a less serious look at my life)

Until tomorrow...

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