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Friday, August 19, 2011

It's never dull around here!

Yesterday morning was every bit as suspenseful as Monday. STBX called my cell and the house, demanding I pick up the *ucking phone! He did not give a *hit about any protective order! This was concerning our son! He thought his meds may need to be increased as M was having more seizures. He further demanded I call right then and there. He left a similar message on my cell voicemail.

What's a Girl with a crazy STBX to do?

I called the police! The same officer that had came the day before showed up, shaking his head and asking what happened with R. I told him the situation and told him I was worried that if M actually had some seizure why didn't R call an ambulance? I said, that I believe that he was making it up just to get me to call or come by so he could harm me, or yell or threaten me.

The officer said that it was alright to call and not even 10 seconds after that my cell rang again. He said, I'll answer that! He said, "Hello? R? R?" There was a long pause. I could hear R say something but I could not tell what. "R, this is Officer G. Did we not speak yesterday? I told you not to call her."

"Now what seems to be the problem? Did your son have a seizure? Do you need an ambulance?", he asked.

I couldn't make out the response, dang it!

"You got him to bed? So, do you need an ambulance? Mr. A., this is about your son. Is he ok?"

R started yelling into the phone, though I could not make out whole sentences, he yelled my name quite a bit! He went on ranting and raving at the officer!

"R! This is not about you and your wife! You called to ask her a medical question for your son? What was the question?"

Again, I couldn't make out his response but he was very heated at the officer. The officer asked and told him several more things but R kept yelling, soon after the officer calmly told him that he did not like his attitude and it would be recorded. "As a matter of fact, R, I will be over to check on your son and you better come to the door!" With that statement he handed me back my phone, letting me know he would return after visiting R and seeing about your son.

About an half hour later I heard a siren that sounded close. I grew both relieved and worried that my son would do something stupid on his Dad's behalf.

Another 45 mins passed and finally the officer came back.

I had been already crying because I was feeling so overwhelmed by old scars and emotions. I kept thinking that maybe he was arrested! Maybe M was really bad off! All those thoughts and memories of R hurting us came back in a flash. I was so nervous that I ended up cleaning all the windows in the apartment.

The officer told me that he spoke to my son and he seemed like he had just came out of a seizure, so he called the ambulance to check him out. He was fine. His heart rate was slightly elevated and he seemed a little tired. Not unlike someone that has had a seizure or someone that is fearful that his Dad will kick his butt if he doesn't go along with it! At least I was thinking the latter...

So! The officer explained that he was torn whether to file charges or not. On one hand, he thinks it might have been a real medical emergency. On the other hand, R, got really out of control. He said he really let him have it!

I did tell the officer that I was worried that R may retaliate! I felt so overwrought with emotions and I couldn't help but cry. He reassured me if I needed anything at all to call the police. Even if something didn't feel right. We chatted more about safety and he left.

I was crushed! Happy to hear my son was well but disheartened to hear that R was still running about. Oh, sure maybe he is stacking the deck against himself due to this insanity. But he is free. He is driving by!

My sister came by to ease my worries. That helped alot! We ended up bumming and doing errands for a bit and then on the way home we saw him and my son! Now if my son had truly had a seizure, in the past, he would sleep the rest of the day away. So seriously, he is next to his Dad in his Dad's WORK TRUCK, looking just fine. We all saw and looked at one another! My STBX looked straight at me with an angry face. He drove off and turned the corner heading towards his house maybe or perhaps to drive around to look for us. I wasn't sure which, but I was a bundle of nerves for the rest of the night.

We later walked to a fair that's going on down the street, but I couldn't help shake my uneasy feeling. I'm glad my sister was here as a distraction. My favorite guy is working and couldn't be at my side. I knew he would in a heartbeat!

The rest of the night and day were tense for me. I had gotten some air for a few much later and silently prayed. I have been resolved to leave everything in God's hands. I keep so much inside or on my shoulders. It's exhausting me! I'm not much good to my loved one's all worried and upset all the time.

Until next time, say a prayer for us!

**I'm not smiling because of the post, as I stated in my blog, I am going to leave my picture, not willing anything to happen. But to attach a REAL person with these postings! These are also STBX vehicles that were taken for me. By a good friend.**

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