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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Updates on STBX and GAL!

This past week has caused me some great distress. I found myself shrinking into myself and being very emotional. For one the man that stalked me, took pictures and noted my whereabouts for my STBX, made a statement for the police. I can not really comment anymore about the investigation on the murder for hire. But to think there maybe some sort of actions or ramifications for this makes me both uneasy and relieved. My nightmares have came up again lately.

Last week there was an incident in which my son was out looking for J on her way home from school. He was spotted at A's school at the playground. About a half hour later STBX and my son, M drove past the apartment building. The phone rang and J answered it. I could hear her say, "Yes" and hang up. She had a puzzled look on her face while she explained the conversation she had with her brother. He just asked if Terry was home and hung up. Not even a minute later Terry and I checked out the windows, lo and behold STBX and M cruised by quickly. Terry went outside and he saw M walking up the back. M asked Terry if J was home. Terry said, "No" and M walked quickly away, almost running back to the front of the apartment building, heading south while dialing or texting on his phone.

We didn't hear another word via email or phone call. But I did get a text from M asking why I was still staying with Terry. And why I wasn't forthcoming about him holding us hostage. Which is not the case at all! M, claims he had a conversation with me at the laundry mat about me and the girls being held against our will. That is crazy!

Anyway, I now get an email from the GAL and he wants to come for a visit on Thursday. I can't help but wonder what this is about.

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