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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Guess who has an Order of Protection against him?!

WELL! Terry was served yestreday! Heaven's to Betsy! Long story short, there was an incident in which J thought she was being followed and she was by her brother, M on his bike. She went to a neighbors for safety. She called Terry (I was napping with the baby, I know lousy excuse but he still does not sleep through the night!), he was gone in a flash to get her. He noticed a bike rider, it was M! Terry took a picture of him after saying HI M! Then off he went to grab J. 5 mins or so after coming in the house the phone rang! J answered and M asked if Terry was home. Weird huh? J said "Yes" and he hung up on her.

Not even 10 mins later, I totally was able to be coherent enough to make something out of the flurry that left the house, as well as the excitable people that rushed in and that's when I saw STBX (R) and M drive by in R's work truck! M was dropped off out of my sight of the front window. Where he came through the back to an awaiting Terry that dashed out to make sure his car was not being messed with.

M came strolling up and asked if J was home. Terry said no and M quickly walked off! He was in a near sprint back to the front of the apartment dialing or texting on his phone.

Now off and on since then I have nasty text messages about how I am supposed to be back with STBX and Terry has me brain washed as well as holding all of us against our will. HA! HA! Sorry had to laugh otherwise I would cry.

Flashforward to yesterday, there waiting on our door handle is the Summons for the Order of Protection for Terry. It says that Terry told Matt that he was "Dead M***** Fu****! 

UGH! So now we have this. R wants Terry out of the house and picture so he thinks I will come back. He in his warped mind thinks I am pineing for him but under Terry's brainwashing spell! GIGGLE! Now that is funny!

The sense of reasoning is gone from STBX. I have never been able to talk to him directly or indirectly. Everything turns out to be my fault or someone elses. He can never take the blame on his own. He can never see any fault in himself. He is talking with our 15 year old son about things that he should not be aware of! Initmate things! R claims M gets his phone and see's texts or emails between the 2 of us. Apparently any attempt at placing a password on his cell is totally escapeable for him.

SO! Now what?! I don't know, the meeting last week with the GAL was good. He did not stay long, he said he knew enough to know what was going on. He answered a few questions from J and then he left to go meet M and STBX.

I was so fed up yesterday that I DID leave a message on M's phone about him not listening to his Dad about things with the divorce. I said I hated his father, I would never go back to him and that Terry was not holding a gun to my head. That the meeting he said happened never did. Why was he lying to his Dad? Why was he lying for his Dad? I told him that his Dad needed a Fall guy and guess who he is. I told him to be careful and that his Dad needs help. There was more but it is sketchy now. I suppose they will use that in court. I'm so tired of court and this mess. I just want my divorce. I can not afford the Paternity test requested by the court so I know that will prolong the proceedings longer. I know R says he wants custody of the girls so that will prolong this mess. GGGRRR FACE! Next court date is in June, right around the corner but not fast enough. I don't want anything! I just want to be free and left alone.

I miss my son, I miss the son he was and how his goofy grin and bad jokes made me laugh. Now he texts me that it is all my fault, that I am the one that made them scared of their Dad. And he was never a bad Dad it was all me. It makes me want to throw up, it makes me want to scream and cry at the same time.

I know I was threatened on a regular basis. That he would kill the kids or me or even the dog. I know on July 22nd 2009 I got a call from R that he was sorry and he apologized to me. That everything in my blogs WAS TRUE!

I keep hearing that he will get karma, seriously? He just drove by...

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