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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Guess who has my cell phone number!

Today was J's birthday/ Grandpa A was coming home from the hospital. There was a small celebration for both, A was sick so I kept her home so she would not get Grandpa sick. I was lucky to have my sister in law pick J up. Terry isn't feeling well either, I am keeping my fingers crossed I stay healthy!

Anyway, I was not informed that this was also going to be a visitation with STBX (soon to be ex), without any thought I called the in-laws to find out when was a good time to pick up J. Long story short, STBX was there and he was crafty enough to find my cell number on the caller id and he has texted me and so has my son.

Supposedly I had a meeting with my son at the local laundry mat at which time I discussed with him that I was being held against my will (Terry). HA! R is proclaiming his undying love and he FORGIVES ME!

SERIOUSLY! Shaking my head!

It has been 2 YEARS and the man is still obessed and nuts. I have blocked his number. I can not believe this! No I take that back I do believe it

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