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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Friends and family who can you trust?

Now if you have left your partner you maybe scratching your head wondering who can you trust. I can't tell you for sure as every situation is different, but taking a look around your circle can tell you alot!

Recently I had some light shed on some feelings I had been getting from both friends and family on my STBX's side. Boy, oh boy did I hit the mark! Sadly, when a split happens it may seem like those that are on your partners side has your back. Think again! Now this isn't everyone or every situation. Just be careful, well meaning and good intentions aside can open up a big can of worms.

What you allow others to do or say or even at what point you stand up and say ENOUGH! Whether you hate hurt feelings or not you must be a friend to yourself! Trust your intution! Be careful! Sometimes your partners friends and family may come off as yours but in many cases they do double duty. Word to the wise!

During the separation if can be hard to figure out who has your back and who doesn't. There will be hurt feelings, especially if you thought you had a cool relationship with family and friends that were his/hers...

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