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Saturday, March 26, 2011

3 calls and one text later...

I got a call from my son today, M, started in about "The meeting" between him and I that happened sometime ago, which never happened. As I said before I did see him but we didn't talk or approach one another. We both went at it on the phone, I insisted that it never happened, while he used the same type of wear ya down tactics from his father. I told him not to be the Fall guy for his dad. Eventually none of this was going in and there was total disrespect on the phone that I hung up.

Since R (or B whatever he calls himself lately) can not approach me due to the Order of Protection, he will have his son do his dirty work. Calling, texting or what have you. This "Meeting" that supposedly went on was about me being held "Hostage" by Terry, is funny. But seriously worrisome since now my son is lying to pacify my husband (STBX) and in doing so he keeps lies going to not only give a morale booster to his Dad but to also give him hope that we are going to get back together. The meeting never happened, I will never come back to his Dad. His Dad has an obession. That's me! His toy is gone! He can't play with me or control me anymore. He does not know what love is. So I get a few more calls with hang-up's and one text that says "U know wat we talked about mom". I haven't had a decent conversation with my son since April of 2009. Since he has been with his Dad, he has been spiteful and mean spirited.

I answered that he should go outside, and not to let his Dad make him his Fall guy. I didn't hear back. I wish he would get the message that I don't want to be back in a marriage with him. I got an email from him, actually it was a forward, gosh I hate those things, anyway, it has several email addresses on it. I wonder what he told these ladies about me, if at all. I heard there was a lady that he dated that he did not tell that he was still married. Way to start a relationship!

I got another call from M, he actually believes he met with me. He is turning just as troublesome as his Dad...

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