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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Visitation today

He didn't show. I got a call yestreday from his Mom. The first thing out of her mouth was to ask me "What did he do now?" I said, "What are you talking about?". She said he was causing a stink about seeing the girls on Sunday (today) and he was going to tell the court about what I did.

I'm shaking my head while I'm speaking to her on the phone as if she could see me. I really had no idea what she was talking about. I told her I hadn't spoke to him in sometime. Apparently, since he could not see the girls last week, he is boycotting this weekend and he is planning on telling the court I wouldn't let him see the girls on "his weekend".

HHHMMM! This is the same person that left the calendar appointment when we set up these dates, which has since fallen apart after about 6 months or so due to health issues of my in-laws. The girls "may" see him about once a month. They are ok with that. They don't see why they have to see him at all, especially since M doesn't have to see me.

Anyway, she then tells me that he needs to see his GF because she will be leaving, back to the Phillipines. SO! He would rather blame me for not being able to see the girls, instead of saying, "Could we postpone this week because something came up?". He chose to see his GF. Oh and he made some off hand comment that the girls should have emailed him or called him to let him know they had plans and he would have been ok with it. REALLY?! Bullcrap! Sort of like he was ok with the living arrangements until he discovered I wasn't going to give on his demands to have the girls over during the day that week, while we were told by the court to keep

J, saw right through this right away and made a comment about it.

So I dropped the girls off and they had a lovely time with their Grandparents and two Aunts! I was happy to see it wasn't some kind of set-up, especially since I forgot my stinking cell phone at home! GRRR FACE! I couldn't believe I did that!

I really can not wait for the divorce to be over. And trust me I'm not headed for the altar! I have no immediate plans to do so. That is a long story, which I am not ready to divulge. But say a prayer for us!

I need to get in my financial declaration in this week as per request to the court. I don't have a blank copy so it looks like I have to white out an old one. AHHHH!!! Why I couldn't have an easy divorce? I wanted a quick 90 day one. SIGH! Court is in October. I hope to finalize by the end of the year. But who knows...

I'm aggravated, disgusted and just sad.

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