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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Message from my son...

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From:  <melnrob5@yahoo.com>
Date: Tue, Jul 19, 2011 at 10:39 PM
Subject: Re: Fwd: No more text messages and settlement discussion
To: Melinda My Love <blessmeplz@gmail.com>

   Hey melinda this is matt. And I was sitting right there. And jessica knew exacrly what was in those envelopes and she knew the details. And once more you had Jessica and grandma negotiating for you. And I got news for you. You will never know me as your son until you get back with robert as your husband and terry is ni longer in the picture. Idk if you rlly believe him or you rlly r that stupid but he threatened my life on more than one occasion and none of roberts children should be around him. And I find it weird how you keep saying you want a divorce from robert but you do everything in your power to slow it down. You are mentally not right melinda there really is seriously something wrong with you melinda. And I also find it interesting that you like to share everything about this divorce with everyone except the truth. I have yet to hear the truth come out of you. And I have news for you I was on the other side of the door thr one day erics friend came by and I heard him tell dad you dealing drugs. I hope its true. I think you belong behind bars for at least20 years. You don't know the kinda man you wanna divorce. Now that he doesn't have you screwin up his head he is a gr8 dad and nothing like you say he is. But I have to say you did screw him up to the point to where he is no longer a push over at first he was soft but now he doesn't put up with crap. if anything u made him partly into the man your telling everybody he is. Dad used to be a real softy. I've met terry and that Is one serious control freak but then so are you. I've seen who yu are and I ha e to say you are a terrible person after what dad has done for you and the way you've repaid him I mean honestly I know my dads not perfect and u guys had problems but I know he was trying to save the marriage and from the things I've seen and read yo didn't care about us kids or dad all u cared about was satisfying yourself. And you didn't try and giv any effort to try and save ur marriage. Ill say this melinda you still have a chance to fix it. But you will have to tell everybody what you've done to me. And I was at court the day you lied to the judge and said the reason y we don't c each other is becuz of me being violent to yu. What a great mom you r. You have to be sitting their wondering what its gunna take to fix this. My suggestion to you is to pray to the lord to help you fix the marriage and ask the lord to change you. Cuz u r definitely the problem. There!!I think I did a good job of getting my point across without swaring but ill bet u won't send this mssg down the line at least until you edit it. Just so you knw some of the ladies at church find yu obnoxious and think that wat ur doing is disgusting and they pray for you to wake up u r a laughing stock there what they mite be saying to u face to face is not what their kids are telling me. Ill leave it up to you melinda if you ever want to call me son again you knw what you need to do.

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Matt emailing me. I am still amazed that Matt is allowed access to Rob's phone. Jess again had no idea but what I told her that was in the envelope. I did not have anyone negotiating for me.

Oh and it does make me giggle that Rob isn't a push over anymore. I don't believe he was ever a push over for anyone.Also that he is a real softie?! Rob threatened the life of everyone in his life at one point and time. Whether it was to beat the crap out of them or to burn down their home or to get them fired or to kill them.

Not even thinking about going back to that man.

Matt was not in the court room. I have emails and can go by the fire and knives he brought into the apartment to kill me if I did not take him to his Dad's house in 2009. Also the emails stated that he wanted to slit my throat. Excuse me if I am concerned with acts of violence.


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