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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Crazy times with my STBX...

I don't know why that man (Gaslighter, Narcissis, Abuser, Psychopath, STBX)ceases never to surprise me. After all the emails the other day, he sends me a email from Nestles.com. It has some recipes in it that honestly are nummy looking but seriously? I can not fathom why after almost 3 years this man has not gotten it that I am do not want to be with him anymore. I don't want a relationship with him at all! I'm counting the years until the kids are 18 so then I don't ever have to talk to him again, of course unless they go to college... I'm wishing it will be more like my Mom's Ex, we didn't ever see him. My sister choose to see him later in life but that was her decision.

I'm hoping he will fade into the woodwork after we finally get divorced. I have a call into the GAL and haven't heard back so I plan on giving another jingle. I never found a document I could use to make the Motion for Bifurcation to end the marriage. So court is coming up again in Oct.

I never got his financials and yet he is complaining he did not get my tax returns or Terry's financial information. The last is not going to happen. I told STBX that if Terry and I were married that would be a different matter but since I am still married no dice.

It feels like a rash you just can't quite get rid of. My STBX reminds me sort of like HSV2, occassional flareups/outbreaks, pain, uncomfortable and itchy. At least you can take meds for that, there is nothing to take for STBX.

I pray for an end to this mess!

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