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Monday, January 23, 2012

Posting text messages from Crazy Man himself pt 1

If you are truly bored feel free to take a walk on the Crazy side... These had me bummed out because my son had a hand in many of these as well. There are a bunch! From October to December:

Text messages from R's  work blackberry (847)2-555 to my cell phone (219)34-0
During the ongoing 3 year divorce with R Allen, Judge ordered that all communications go through attorney(s). These messages are violating the intent of that ruling.
October 16, 2011
6:30 am - Sorry for the erly morning. Answer when u get it. What cancer do u have
6:31 am - Do u want to meet and talk- (I replied No thank you)
6:32 am - I think i can scrap up anouph to buy us a coffee
7:08 am - Well u know I still love u. U know I would take care of u. But u also know i am with someone else. And u do all u can to drive them away so I have an ear of Of mis trust. I dont think u can blam me. Ill be here for u if u do have it hon. I took that vow
7:10 am - So u know u drove my girlfreind away now so i expext us to get back together. No exceptions-
8:04 am - No sorry I was moving on. U destroyed it. We r now back. We can take time if u want.  He can leave under his own power now U made up my mind. U just could not 
8:05 am - If she comes back u r off the hook
8:07 am - Thy where your fucks. U drov e her away. U gave this to me. U will be with me now
8:07 am - I did not ask u
8:08 am - He can leave on his own if he wants
8:10 am - Dont want to b with me fine. I am alone u will b alone
8:11 am - I am alone u r alone. No more to say
8:12 am - I tryed to move on. U distroyed it. U r sick and twisted. I realy think u want back in        some demented way. So u got it.
8:13 am - Leav e me alone. So ok. U can come home now.
8:15 am - Sorry u made iup my mind. I am taking my ex gf home make shur he leaves
8:15 am - You decided to come home.

 From M using R's blackberry cell phone (847)62-3 to my cell phone (219)34-7
8:16 am - Hi bitch this is m. Well I give you credit you chased away another one. Your first attempt with that lame psychic message didn’t work. So now you pull this
8:17 am - Try to destroy dads relationships as a adolescent type cry for help. To get away from terry.
8:15 am - With your whore diseases. And you finally did it. Now ive lost a good friend and someone else I really care about. Since you will not let anyone else become My mother you will be my mother. The next time I see terry I will beat terry until he can no longer walk or see and I will do this everytime. If you want to
8:16 am - be my mother you have to live in my house with my father. I have to agree with dad after reading his text to you. You are mentally deranged. But you got your
8:17 am - wish you are coming home. I will expect you to start counseling with dad and we’ll work it up to you and I. If you don’t want all this then you better do your
8:18 am -God damn best to get pearl bacxk with dad or find him soneonelse cuz as far as im concerned you are on your way back home. Have a nice day mom. Good to hear from you
8:20 am - Interesting your supposed to love your boy so much and yet you gunna call the cops on me hum me thinks this is terry. I think terry has too much control
8:21 am - Over you and I think its time I free my mother from him. I try to look another way but you are not happy with that. I personally see this mom you always
8:23 am - My father has really been trying to get me to forgive you. So much that I keep telling stop trying to make me forgive you. Maybe he is right. Maybe you
8:24 am - Need forgiving so the lord can clear up the crap in your head. And you can just admit you wanna come home and admit you wanna get away from terry
8:25 am - Because of all the crap you keep saying about moving on. You’ve sabotaged dads relationships and all the other acts that ive witnessed from you
8:26 am - Say you wanna come home so now you got your wish. I expect to spend the holidays as a family together. The little boy can come if he needs to he cant help who His mother is. Hope to see you soon bye
1:56 pm -  Gee that’s funny I have seen you and terry and he pushes you around all the time.    And I guess I should say the same to you because you pushed me around and hit
1:57 pm – Me enough
1:57 pm - Im glad dads in the bathroom. Now I have to time to send this. And by the way where are you its almost 2 o’clock. You wrecked dads relationship and caused me
1:58 pm – To lose a brother and a mother. So get your ass home if we r gunna start repairing this family. And don’t blame dad you’re the one who caused this.
2:01 pm- I am free if you and enjoy my life without you. I miss the personal time but I don't miss your abuse.

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