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Monday, January 23, 2012

Crazy Man last text messages pt 4

** Now all the misspellings are as they came directly from my phone. Not for giggles**

Text messages from M  to my cell phone (219)3-07
December 26, 2011
10:40 pm – Just remember I told you once and I told you twice u wont evr hav anything to do with u unless u go back to dad and he is kibd enough to take u back so u be
10:40 pm – ttr think long and hard about what u want in life.  Ur running oitta time if sad marrys pearl thts it. Becuz dad isn’t a cheater
10:41 pm – In a way ur stupid and ur smart u keep tellin people u want dad move on but ik thts not true.
10:41 pm – Ive seen u purposely try to destroy the relationships dad was in
10:41 pm- I personally think ur stupid
10:42 pm – ik for a fact tht dads girlfriend woyld probably not stay with dad if dad had all 3 kids
10:42 pm – And it would be damn near impossible to find someone who would take3 kids
10:43 pm – So u keep screwing up in reverse
10:43 pm – Like I said u better do some long hard thinking
 (I found those above messages the next morning, I replied I hope he had a good Christmas and I love him and to have a great day)
Text message from M to my cell phone (219)4-07
December 27, 2011
9:15 am – You do not have the right to say that garbage to me and unless ur back with dad u never will have that right so think (I replied: To have a good day and I was sorry he felt that way but I still love him)
9:18 am-  I see you are trying to annoy me with pitiful garbage . once more you are. Not to talk to me unless u r with my dad do not text or talk to me unless so is done (I replied that I did not want negative messages from him and to please stop doing so. That I would be happy to talk with him positively)
9:28 am – I will text what I feel like. It’s a free country with freedom of speech. Deal with it
9:28 am – Or is me denying u too much
9:28 am – Because I can deny you and believe me it doesn’t bother me.
Text message from M’s girlfriend C cell phone (5)99 on December 27, 2011
9:29 am - Hello, this is M Allen’s girlfriend. He is so upset because you are trying to be nice to him when he knows your lieing. He wanted to see his sisters on Christmas and you wouldn’t let him. He is not a threat to them I don’t understand why you think he is. He cries every night because he is heartbroken because you don’t let him see his own sisters. You should let him see them he has done NOTHING wrong to hurt them or threaten then he is the sweetest gentleist person on this earth.
9:29 am – Arguing with me only shows that u r indeed a terrible mother
9:29 am – U hav no respect only seek to destroy me from the inside and out
9:30 am – Unfortunately for u I do not break
9:30 am – U will fail constantly
9:30 am- You know this and you are tryibg to find a way to break me
(I left a message on Robert’s cell phone to please ask Matt not to text me negatively)
9:31 am – I have grown up to see ur liea, flaws and ur weaknessea
9:31 am – U r not scary to me
9:31 am – Only a pitiful shell if a woman
9:31 am – An u know that also
9:32 am – You may think you will win this battle but I assure you u will not.
9:32 am – U try to destroy everyone around u
9:33 am – And you are starting to fail on that too.
9:33 am – soon enough ur plan will fall down the drain
9:34 am – And everything u think u hav will be gone
9:34 am – And all that u will hav left is miseryz
9:35 am – You have lost
9:35 am – U don’t scare me
9:35 am – And don’t think I don’t know what your next attack will be
9:35 am – All the lies u made hav been proved wrong
9:36 am – No matter what u throw at me I will always throw it back at u
9:36 am – Goodbye don’t text back
9:40 am- And I will tell the world what u have done to me and when I find a lawyer tht will help me I am sueing you for what you hav done goodbye
From Roberts blackberry work phone (847)652-5 to my cell phone (219)314-07
9:41 am – U called r the girls OK? (I replied yes but for him to tell Matthew not to text me with negative messages)
9:52 am – I don’t control my son. And talking about his feeling is something I don’t want to stop him from doing. I realize controlling your kids thoughts. Dreams.
9:52 am – And desires is common for u. but I am not controlling or abusive like u. maybe u should deal with what M says. Whatever it is I am sure u deserve it. U
9:52 am – don’t mid yelling and being abuseive. But you don’t like it when you have to deal with the damages u caused.
9:55 am – And I personally believe in god and his promise to me.. so I quietly believe that one day u will wake up and you will see what u did and finaly start askin
9:56 am  – g for your way back. I believe we will be back together.. so I will tell him nothing of the sort
10:01 am – Well do that I personally don’t know what u talk about with M.. me personally I am glad he is talking to u.. u r just to stupid to see it.. but I see u (I replied never mind I would send the text message to the GAL and to stop calling me negative names)
10:01 am – have not changed.. it seems u will go crying to anyone u can so u don’t have to face the damage u have done.. once again running away u r pathetic.. hav t
10:01 am – he gal contact me (I replied I was no longer his secretary to do so himself)
10:19 am – R u delirious I never called u names.. go get your eyes checked.. LOL anything to try and pass the Buck.. LOL.. pa the tically.. predictable. U never change.. I thank God he showed me how abusive and controlling u r.. M has told me of all kinds of abuse he endured from u.. u want to know why u left… u have told so many lies and spent so much time destroying your marriage. U have no choice but to run away like u have done since u where young.. u r doing all this because u can’t tell the truth and admit to me and outhers what you’ve done. Or the truth of you’re behavior.. thatis why all this crap is happening and why r kids Ave to endure all this.. u r mentally unstable. The problem is that u r Cain enough to fool outhers. And calculate the destruction u need to inflict to hide and not have to answer for your own action. (I replied for him to stop texting me)
10:33 am – Ill send what I want.. u don’t control me any more I did u read it again.  Still pathetic.. remember this one day God will convict u and u will see u hav
10:34 am – e been following the Devil. U will face the pain of confession.. I have talked to many psychics.. and everyone of them say u r being led away buy a man t
10:34 am – hat is not be with u.. he is the devil in disguise.. how can over 15 different ladies in over 10 different areas see the same thing and all of them have
10:35 am – told me that you’re friend who told u that u would be devorsed is not a real psychic.. and buy ethical practice should not ever say that.. so u r  either I
10:35 am – ieing to hide the fact u r running.. or u r being led a stray.. all stated that u r being miss lead..
10:36 am – Do u have the will to go to one of the psychics? Do u have a opened mind to hear the truth
10:46 am – Saying u r pathetic is not calling u names.. it is stating your actions.. ass or shit head.. now that would be name calling.. God mel wake up.. lord Jesus ple
10:46 am – ut. I really feel it’s better he says it than holds on to it.. remember when u never let him talk nice to me when u used to lead him in peatone.. but I le
10:46 am – t him call me every name anyway.. at least u two r talking
10:46 am – ase help my wife to wake up. I beg of you. With all my heart and all my soul.. I talked to Matt and told him no swearing. As for whatever else u to talk abo
10:46 am – U have A so screed up now she will not eaven talk to me.
10:55 am – I taked to t and listened to what he was saying.. and it seems to me he wants you to tell the family. The gal.. court and friends the truth of what u
10:55 am – that would be a really big hill to climb. But never the less that seems to be the main deal. . Oh and don’t expect him to except Terry.. oh man that is a
10:56 am – bad problem their.. I guess hitting and thretining M was to much.
10:59 am – did to him.  That seems Luke that’s the main problem.. if you do that maybe he and u can start fixing the problem .. of course u would loose the girls so
11:10 am – Yep after talking some more I am sure that would help the relationship between u to
From M cell phone (5)5-0 to my Cell phone (219)3-07 on December 27, 2011
11:28 am – I just talked to dad and he dada said to be ind to u lol he also tild me not to sware and he told me tht he had mentioned to u that I want u to admit wha
11:28 am – t u had done wrong to me. Infront of everyone. Well my dearest birthmother tht would be a good start but hardly dnough. U turned ur back on me every way pos
11:29 am – sible
11:35 am – U threw me in a mental hospital under false pretense. Had terry hit me to where my arm was numb fir weeks. U hit me a lot. U had me living in a room full of
11:35 am – mice. U had me believeing lies. U let him threaten me. U hav people watching me. U took a fake witness to court wen she wasn’t in the car with terry wen he th
11:35 am – court so I still cant c my sisters. U tried to cause trouble (u still do). U attempt to kill me and he does the same
11:35 am – reatened me. U made it so I can’t x my sisters. U had ladies yell at me. U had many turn against me. U badmouth me constantly. Make up lame excuses to get me in
11:35 am – And there is way more
11:50 am – Remember at the shop when u had me so scared I peed in my pants. Remember that
11:51 am – Dad wasn’t mad u made me (Terry replied to stop texting my cell phone or we will block the numbers unless it’s important)
From Robert blackberry work phone (847)652-5 to my cell phone(219)3-07 on December 27, 2011
12:32 pm - This is r. And u and I will meet. It sounds as though u r scared and trying to keep control of Melinda and now I will take this as evidence that Melin
12:32 pm – da is not in control and not capable of raising our girls and it seems she is unable to control you. Melinda if u want to here the  truth meet me at a ps
12:35 pm – ychic. I know its hard to get away from Terry but just let me know if u ever want to here the truth (Since you will not stop texting your numbers will be blocked)
12:36 pm – OK to the lawyer I go to see if we can remove the girls


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