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Monday, January 23, 2012

Crazy Man texts Pt 3 or 4? I lost count

Text messages from M on R’s blackberry (847)2-5 to my cell phone (219)34-07
November 23, 2011
                7:05 pm – Have my sisters call my friends phone I wanna talk to them 1-5-4-10
7:16 pm – This is Matt I went by to c the girls but the car wasn’t there I hope u told dad where you guys moved (Jessica called him and they had a nice chat. The comment about moving never came into question)
Text messages from R’s blackberry (847)2-5 to my cell phone (219)34-07
During the ongoing 3 year divorce with R Allen Judge  ordered that all communication go through attorney(s)
At this point there was a supervised visitation ordered between R, J and A
November 30, 2011
6:45 am – Happy Birthday Hon. Still love u J
3:39 pm – Melinda I and m and my girlfriend are going to Christmas village. We are leaving on Friday morning and coming back on Sunday.  I have somebody staying  at the
3:39 pm -  house to watch tbone. What I’m asking is if you would let the girls go. It’s in downstate Indiana and would appreciate the girls going with. Thanks (I replied for him to contact his attorney regarding this. As far as I was to understand he was only allowed supervised visitation and the girls would not be going unless I was told by the court to do otherwise)
4:20 pm – I could.. but he will ask me.. do the girls want to go? Then I am shire he would call u. I am just asking first.
4:29 pm -  U could do it if u wanted. And u kknow it. It was not slowed when u left them in summer. U know as well as me that all the judge is going to say is oh di
4:29 pm – d the girls want to go.. and did they have a good time. The only reason we have to go threw the supervised is because u keep insisting its up to u mel if
4:29 pm – u want them to go. When they start to visit the texts will prove I kept trying to see them. All I know is it’s a neat place and there is going to be a lot
4:29 pm – of lights. We got two rooms with big beds so its not a pronoun. If they should have lady problems my girlfriend is their. And she is a proper lady. As well as a nu
4:29 pm – rse so no worries
4:30 pm – Let the girls deside
4:31 pm – And let them think it would b OK with u if they say yes. I know J does not want to dispoint u
4:36 pm – Well that’s OK I asked and the girls will know. I hope your b day is nice. Love ya

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