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Monday, January 23, 2012

Crazy Man text messages pt 3

Text messages from Robert work blackberry (847)6-5 to my cell phone (219)3-07
During the ongoing 3 year divorce with R Allen,  Judge ordered that all communication go through attorney(s)
November 18, 2011
4:05 pm - No card! But we do have someone that takes are mail… M said he would burn it anyways. As for the girls he said they know where we live. There is not
4:05 pm - Again this is how M wawnts to handle it personaly I don’t think u raven bought a card or that you think u can fix what u have done. I never did before
4:05 pm – but certainly now find myself questioning your sanity. Good luck with that
4:05 pm – hing saying that they can’t come buy if they want. I know m has seen J buy our house so I am certain they know the way and have the ability… once
4:29 pm – Don’t care what u think. Truth hurts doesn’t it. U should try it once before u allow more insanity to run from your lips. U don’t control me anymore.
(I replied he wouldn’t know his butt from a hole in the ground and to leave me alone. And not to text me anymore. Future text messages were to be ignored unless they are an emergency)
4:35 pm - Butt from a hole in the ground personally I’m a little disappointed in you expected more from you next time take a little more time on your insults I mean
4:38 pm -  No I’m not an ass I’m very loving generous person that does on my way to help anybody I can I just won’t put up with your crap or bow to your control
4:40 pm – I am free if you and enjoy my life without you. I miss personal time but I don’t miss your abuse
5:43 pm – M said they know where we live… and from me. I said it before and ill say it again. U can tell people whatever u want. But M knows the truth.. and so do I. and I am a loud persona nd I will yell if you hurt me… but I am not the abusive person u made me out to be. It was your own abuse being rejected buy me that you were having problems with. Was I jelish yes. Was I always calling you. Yes. I did not want my wife with another. But I know who I am and I am not who you say I am or was. That I know for sure. I thank God for this chance to find out who I was. And for the chance for my son to know me. For who I am and I am certain u know he girls would want to stay with me also if the new me. Not the me u have been droning into their heads.. and that take away your control and u an’t have that. You have used your mind games and passive control on me for years. Well not anymore and it feels so liberating. Have a nice night. Try to at least tell yourself the truth J ( I replied to him that he was abusive to me and the kids for years and was never in control)
5:51 pm – Yes you are correct because that’s what I believe you told me that I abuse you and that’s what I believe because that’s the right thing t
5:51 pm – hat I knew
5:51 pm – Thanks for the therapy and time away from you and your biz I know the truth
5:52 pm – I asked god to fix my marriage to allow everyone to see that’s what you did. And I’m sure that the rest will be seen in the future.
5:55 pm – Laugh out loud nothing but abuse from you.
5:55 pm – Tried looking deep inside try looking back to what really happened tried to telling yourself the truth. (I told him he needed to get more help and to stop texting me)
5:57 pm – Once again more abuse and telling other people how they need help it’s amazing that how you know how everybody needs help.
6:00 pm – I’m not the 1 lying for the first time in my life since I been with you I see the proof of your control and your manipulation. I don’t doubt that I neede
6:00 pm – d help you did everything you could to cause it
6:02 pm – You’re his problem now and believe me you will do the same shit to him. Old know at it was you that was shaking your head everything he said maybe you des
6:02 pm – erve to be controlled religiously for once.
6:06 pm – Maybe that’s what god needs you to see. So u see how u controed me. Either way way just not my problem anymore. (I replied I never had control of him. I heard you hadn’t changed from some of the people in your family. Again please stop texting me)
6:38 pm – Your are you are too funny. The problem is you can’t handle not having the last word and as far as talking to others u don’t talk to anybody I know anymore. And as for my mother and sister. My sister can die for all I care. And my parents lost all respect and absolutely all hope of ever being treated like they should be. When they allowed Terry in their house. I have to honer them. Nothing else.. so please don’t try to hunt for info. That is control tactic.. hum us sure seem to use that a lot. Don’t worry about what I am doing. Worry about telling yourself the truth.. us say u don’t see a change well I would say that is because u r the problem. And your lies. Abuse.  And control. And manipulation. Bring it out. And once again I reject it and your abuse tords me. And it seems buy your own words you are proving right. And if not putting up with yoru abuse and control makes you say he hasent changed he is crazy. Then shoot away. Because u r rite I will not put up with it.. LOL.. maybe u need to take a step back and ask God to change you.. and when u change then look and talk with me again. You’re problem with me is you.. before you try and tell me who I am and what I help I need. Start buy getting help with the one in your mirror.. try and be truthful to her. Try taking responsibility for your actions..

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