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Thursday, June 9, 2011

*UPDATE* Mediatin Today!

My knees were knocking and at one point my teeth were chattering during the drive to court. I was thankful my Dad didn't notice! He kept reminding me that I was in charge and not under STBX's control anymore! I breathed a sigh of relief, but I was filled with more heavy anxiety as we drove nearer to the courthouse.

My stomach was in knots and hurting from my ulcer. I felt terrible! I was filled with doom and worry. We arrived about 15 mins early. I was told my Dad could not stay in the room with me. I instantly felt trapped and scared because that meant being with "him". Thankfully the Mediator suggested separate rooms for us.

He arrived about 15 mins late! I was hopeful he wouldn't show at all but then I heard his voice that caused me to jump abit out of my chair, while I could feel myself start to shake again and then my Dad was told to leave. My stomach just dropped down to my knees!

It actually went pretty swift! I could hear murmurs from him about Terry and custody. The Mediator told him repeatedly that this was not what we were to talk about and that he needed to find another way to discuss that with the court instead. AH! My Gaslighter is swift and cunning!

After a bit of going back and forth about the house bill, it was decided that we can not make progress on that. And since I want full custody of the girls and so does he, there was no decision. We were at an "Impasse". So we go to court on Wednesday with hopes that the Judge will make a ruling, or STBX was told he could request more therapists to see the girls. (The current court appointed therapist said the girls were going to be just fine and I do need to get a letter stating that for our next court date) As well as a new GAL, ours took himself off the case. My guess is STBX got too much to handle.

They let me leave first and that was that! I felt a wave of relief after we left. Boy did my deodorant fail! LOL! So now I get to be nervous again next week. AGH!

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