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Friday, December 28, 2012

Like an open sore...

That title conjures up some rather wicked thoughts and feelings. Even after almost 4 years, when a memory or talking about the past the emotions can still feel raw. It is not uncommon for me to find some humor in that past life.

Such as:

Warming up his plate before I plated it

Answering the phone and relaying the WHOLE conversation to him as it is happening

Getting him dressed in the morning and helping him undress in the evening

Bathing him

Warming his boots/shoes on a cold day

Pre-warming the bathroom before he had to leave for work

Why is this humorous now? I guess it's more unbelievable as well as ludicrous to think that I did those things.

But, sad at how feverishly and quickly these things (and other things) had to be done without error.

The kids remember random things from time to time that actually feel stinging to me. And not that they mean any harm but they cope differently then I.

They recently recalled driving in the car. In which many times I would get told to stop the car and pull over so he could drive. I apparently am a terrible driver (so he says).  Or they recall him pulling me out of the car by the hair or just screaming at me while I am driving. SIGH!

I need to write more but have to get moving. Please Dear Reader, if you are in an abusive situation, remember there is hope. There are resources available for you! Do it before it's too late! Any form of abuse is just that abuse. No matter if he/she lifts a hand on you or uses words. Love doesn't hurt!

Prayers and love for your safety and sanity!



  1. That sounds a lot like my situation, I am sorry you had to endure that abuse and I am always here reading and praying for you. It is funny how the kids remember some of the things in the past, things you yourself don't want to remember. <3

  2. Thank you my Friend! I appreciate it! It is crazy and yet so helpful for them no matter how hurtful or sad it makes me feel.BIG HUGS! Thank you for the prayers!