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Friday, December 7, 2012

Living on the edge...

When you live with an abuser, you have a tendency to tiptoe through your daily life. Sometimes you feel as though you are on this great jagged cliff looking down~ Living on the edge.

Your stomach tingles. Your head may pound. You feel like your heart could pound out of your chest any minute!

When it's time to have your "beast" come home or wake up you just never know if it's going to be a great time or having to call the police or for an ambulance. A humiliating call to friends or family to say your ok or that your abuser is at it again. During those times I wished with my whole being to be rescued from the one that loved me. A desperate cry to anyone that would listen. Hot tears streaming down my eyes with an incredible feeling of dread and feeling paralyzed that there was no hope and no where to run.

Anywhere I went he would find me. 

Much has changed. We are not holding on to empty promises of change. No putting on appearances that we were a close knit nuclear family with no issues.

It's all good. Right?

It is. For the most part. There is that lingering feeling in my gut to stay focused on our safety. Sounds funny and even very dark. To tell the truth, it is creepy and unsettling. Got this a few days ago from my Gaslighter (he is not the best speller)-

Dec 4
I text the kids. Which I am sure they r not getting. Nice place needs a little work though. And nice wedding to.did not expect to see some people.

Robert A

Dec 4
And believe me I understand that this is not just a way for you to say don't contact me I understand this is a way for you to start talking to me again. I read between the lines I know you better than anybody else and this is how you do things. there's no harm in wanting to talk with me . talk to me threw another name if you want. create another account somewhere and contact me that way. I understand how hard it is to tell the truth and admitt your wrongs Melinda. I know how hard it is to face the facts. and I know 1 of the main reasons you keep this anger going is because youre afraid of what I might do if you were to ever try to have come back. but the truth is I understand. I'm a lot more understanding and loving and caring and forgiving then you think I am or that you ever think I was. I know that you are the 1 that held out talking to me and that you had secrets and i understand that. and I know you'd rather tell a lie and run away rather than face the truth.but the truth is .the truth will set you free. Am I regretful about the past for somethings yes for a lot of things no. I'm glad to know the truth finally about what you did to matt and your affairs but now that I know the truth I can move on .we both can.I know you still love me and I remember when we where 16 .you told me you would do stupid things and maybe even try to run away in the future., but don't let me go. Dont leave me..well I wount and I didn't. I know I'm a different person I know I'm not the man I used to be. and you can try to crush me all that you want. I will still love you. Was I hurt yes as a matter of fact if this is what you want to hear you hurt me everyday .everyday I'm crushed I endore more pain and suffering than any man should have to .I am devastated beond any point that you can imagine and to be honest yes I do plan on seeking financial restitution for the damage and the pain and suffering and the continue suffering and pain that you and Terry cause me and Matthew on a daily basis. although I'm pretty sure matthew is already obtained his own lawyer to sue the both of you. they are actually keeping me in the dark on this 1. like I said I know that this email is nothing more than a way for you to start talking to me again. and I know you're not happy. and I know that it's not me you're unhappy with. if you truly wanted me out of your life you would let me see the girls. there would be no issues because you would not want the confrontation about it. but by keeping the girls away from us you almost guarantee the fact that we will have to talk again in the future. all I can say is I can forgive you and I'm sure we can move on if you wanted to. but I have nothing from you that says you want to be friends other than these little emails now and then. personally I have to wonder if you are being controlled a lot more than people think. I personaly think your life is not safe and you know matt would not be safe with terry and thats why you distroyed matt so he will not have to deal with terry and so you can make sure that he belives you and you and the girls will stay safe..i also belive that Terry is the reason why the girls do not come over. Maybe because he told u no or maybe because u know they would want to stay with me and that would displease your master ..melinda you can talk to me .

on anouther note and I really honestly think that short of you putting terry in jail for controlling you are forcing you to have that child.and in which case giving Matthew a reason to come to your defense I just don't see him ever dealing with you.of course Terry beating the life almost out of you might be enough ..Matt used to tell me ::ill except her back when she is back with and married and living with u dad.but he doesn't even say that anymore. And to tell you the truth I have just stopped trying to get him to forgive u.I pray it will happen. But I fear it will not..love you always and forever your husband from Christ. Robert

I really have no idea what he is talking about in much of this. If you have followed my blog you know that my ex is a NARC/Gaslighter/Psychopath. He suffers from mental illness according to several therapists/Psychiatrists. Though I can't say that. I believe (and know) he gets a thrill/rush from being in charge (He is a Foreman in the construction field). As for my son, I miss him but realize that he has to do what he needs to do to survive. So, if it means to be a cheerleader for his dad then that is what he is. I pray that when he is old enough to get away and has time to think that we can someday have a relationship.

To anyone that is looking inside the madness of an abusive situation, the whole matter can seem puzzling to you. Why would anyone want to be treated that way?! Why would anyone allow a person to beat on them, call them names or harm they're children?! Stepford wife?


It's conditioning. It's slow and you don't even realize it's being done to you. You question your self constantly. As time goes on it becomes so easy to believe the things your abuser does to you and your family. You become conditioned to believe there is no better. You are his/hers. There is no one else. Or all others will do worse to you. Abuse can be just words, which I believe sometimes cut so deep that they can be worse then getting beaten. Mind games, physical or sexual abuse are just as bad. But, in many cases until you totally make the leap out of the relationship you can't realize how many forms of abuse you actually suffered. This can take months or years to discover! It can be very eye opening as well as unfathomable that you survived. It all seems surreal to me. I probably say that so too many times, but it's the truth!

I read some post once about a woman that was looking for advice about being in an abusive relationship and most of the responses were actually bashing the woman instead of the abuser! One woman wrote that she should have read a book about abuse before she got into the relationship (Lundy Bancroft). HUH?!

Hindsight is 20/20. If she knew then what she knew now...

Once again, if you know someone that is being abuse please listen. Sometimes that is all one needs. Don't bash the abuser while speaking with your friend. Your words can backfire and she/he can empathize with the abuser and turn on you!

Offer a plan to help the victim find safety. Listening is all good but there comes a time when you may have to say "Enough already!", while rolling your eyes at your friend. She needs some reassurance, kind words to know that it can be ok. And she may need to know she has somewhere to go when "She" knows it's time to take the leap to leave. Help her stay strong. You may need to start gathering the information for police, Pro-Bono attys, counselors, DV advocate, shelters or housing.

When you are in the moment, living day to day in fear, the hardest thing can be to think straight about where you are going after you leave. Please view previous posts about Safety or leaving your abuser for ideas and tips about how to plan for leaving a volatile situation. Remember to protect yourself in these matters as well. One never knows how the abuser will act towards anyone helping the victim. Stay strong and positive. 

BIG HUGS to you!


  1. Even though my abuser is out of the house, I continue to have these kinds of feelings of dread and fear. Slowly, I connect these feelings to events that have happened and make changes where I can to reduce triggers and memories.

  2. Funny!I was going to call you today! I hope you are well! I just updated my post with a note from my ex from a few days ago. I scratch my head and hope for that to end. GIVING YOU A BIG HUG my Friend!