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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Deadbeat Dads/Moms

The world is filled with them.

These people some of these people were not happy about getting divorced. Or they just don't care. The great nation of the US of A, allows so many of these people to slip through the cracks to work for cash, not work at all, which leaves so many struggling parents to continue to provide and pick up the slack for the children that two people brought into this world.

There are many websites dedicated to locating, fining, and even jailing deadbeat parents.

On the other hand I do know of some Ex's that were not happy with the separation and want to get even with the other. So they will raise support rates so high that the other is struggling to pay with little over. I feel for both sides of the fence.

You can't prove a person is working for cash. Trust me, my STBX, Robert Allen (Griffith, IN) is. He works for Pine Waterproofing in Northfield, IL. Local 11 Waterproofer. He's a Foreman for the company for years and he has been getting paid under the table for as many years as he has been working. I'm talking making over $50,000 on paper and an additional $20,000 to $30,000 off the books. This isn't uncommon though, many construction jobs work the same. Especially those in the Union that want to cut back on the dues as well as getting socked by the State and Fed government.

STBX right now owes $4,769.10. No, it's not a bunch in some cases where there are over that. But for this amount I can get them braces, much needed glasses, clothes and a school things. I am glad he is getting everything to buy our Son's love (Game system, new clothes, hair style, just recently pierced ears, cell phone and spending money). I know the big guy doesn't want to be alone and he doesn't know how to just love a person. He has to "BUY" love. No one likes him otherwise.

I'm sounding harsh because I'm tired of him getting away with everything. He's gotten away with threatening me, hiring someone to kill me, threatening to kill the kids and other things. And now I should just let him off of child support?

What do you think?

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  1. My ex lives in Florida and i live in Alabama and i've been told there's nothing i can do about him never paying a dime of the court ordered child support.