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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Looks like I'm heading to jail

OK, maybe I'm a little over dramatic but I have to stand up for the safety of my family. It's no secret that I have been stalked by a crazy man that swears he will take me back, I am posting the latest round of nonsense from him towards the end.

So why prison for me? Nope, not planning on murder or something like that. What I mean by the statement of standing up is... He wants to know my physical address so bad it is driving him nuts! He wants to know this as much as a addict needs his next hit. I have already asked my attorney to advise on what to do in this situation and have yet to talk to him so this entire blog post maybe mute.

I am gearing up in my head that the possibility of being ordered in court to do so may actually happen! So do I plead the 5th? That was a thought tossed around by Terry and myself. Or do I just say NO! In that case I could be wearing stripes or my daughters favorite color orange if I am held in contempt for not sharing my information. I checked with Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines and it states:

Indiana Law. Indiana law (Ind. Code § 31-17-2.2) requires all individuals who have (or who are seeking) child custody or parenting time, and who intend to relocate their residence to provide Notice to an individual who has (or is seeking) child custody, parenting time or grandparent visitation. The Notice must be made by registered or certified mail not later than 90 days before the individual intends to move. The relocating party's Notice must provide certain specified and detailed information about the move. This information includes: the new address; new phone numbers; the date of the proposed move; a stated reason for the move; a proposed new parenting time schedule; and must include certain statements regarding the rights of the non- relocating party. The Notice must also be filed with the Court. The notice is required for all proposed moves by custodial and non custodial parents in all cases when the proposed move involves a change of the primary residence for a period of at least sixty (60) days. This is true even when a person plans to move across the street or across town, and when a party plans on moving across the state or the country, or to another country .

So, I contacted the court about my physical address and using the PO Box is legit as far as the court is concerned. My thought is since this man has "Supervised visits" with his children, should he know where they live? Is it me or does that seem wrong? I suppose since the man has tried to kill me in the past and has hired someone to kill me in the past I am too close to the situation. Or heck, maybe it's that time of the month and I'm super hormonal right now. Either way I am not happy about this turn of events. Crazy man made a comment that it is kidnapping since he doesn't know where they live. Actually, his attorney, my attorney and the GAL on the case each know where we are staying and I have invited all of them as well as court officials to see our digs. I have no issue with that at all! 

I'm hoping that all my worrying is over nothing and it will go over just peachy. I'm hoping to talk to my Attorney before court to put me at ease. Anyway, I'm pasting the one-sided conversation  that STBX had with me- 

*All misspellings are on purpose as written on text message from STBX*

Voicemail from R Thursday March 1 10:18 am

Hi how are you just a few things. One I am supposed to have your new address where my daughters are living. As far as I’m concerned it’s kidnapping and I’m do everything in my power to make sure that gets through. Two I want to see my daughters for her birthday. If you are not going to be the type of person that is going to make wrong to let Matt and I see her then you should try this weekend I guess.
And ah, three I also have a new medical card you need to start using for the girls and for yourself. If I see her this weekend I will give her that card otherwise the other card will be refused ok talk to you later love ya bye

Text message From: Robert

I put us on the tree house  schedule  for next sat. It would not hurt to remind me about the new card before hand..I wonder who got the rescue heroes. And learning toys, hooked on phonics.  and books. I thought the little Guy could use them. But I guess u moving and not telling me ..lol..I guess that's gods way of showing u your mistake. To funny.I still believe. I think we have been apart long enough to come back together fresh if u feel like thinking about it..the only anger I have tords u is how the kids payed and continue to pay for your action's.  I still love u and want u to b my wife.we have both been with outhers.that does not bother me. To this day I still can not understand your treatment of M..that is what keeps my faith that you may not be the Melinda I knew.but one that has been missled away from Gods will.the loveing women I knew would never have turned her back on her
 son or caused her kids pain.but M has told me of things that convinced me that when Terry came into your life five years ago he must have started leading you away, And buy the things M has told me … he turned u against our kids to. They are not weapons mel. I hope one day you see it. I tell M all the time he needs to forgive you and that u love him And your just not yourself but it does no good. Love u always. I am always willing to go to counseling togeather if u want. Thu, Mar 1, 10:50 am

Now I could go on and on responding back or should I say firing back but it won't help. He has totally twisted and warped our past relationship into something that isn't.

I met Terry 4 years ago. He was a consignor at the Antique shop where I worked and at the time he and other men were far from my thoughts. There was no fling with him or anyone else while I was with my husband. OH! But how tempting it could have been! But that's not me. I wasn't like him and didn't view sex as just a thing to do. I believe there is more meaning to it. 

I have not been able to talk to my son in over 2 1/2 years. What am I doing to him? He chooses not to talk to me or visit. Court officials fear it is not safe for me to do so, since the fire and him threatening to kill me with knives in my sleep. Let us not forget the numerous threats in texts and emails as well by him or STBX. They both seem the same to me now. I have been told that my son is simply a puppet of STBX and his thoughts are the same as his Dads. 

Now the Rescue Hero thing gets me. Could he have placed a tracking device on these things he supposedly left on my doorstep of the old apartment? I wrote about this back in November last year I believe. Long story short, he texted me that he left some Rescue Heros in a plastic tub by my door. I called my old neighbor and she saw nothing left there or outside. Weird huh? Last visitation STBX gave the girls a plastic bag with a few purses and markers in it that he found in the back of the closet. Seemed fishy to me so we tossed the bag before we got home. OK call us paranoid but I don't put anything past the man to bug. 

I feel safe where we are. I don't want to give that up! I love where I am. It's peaceful. I just go outside and breathe. I listen to the birds or watch the water and just relax. I fear this peace will be shattered if he finds where we are. Say a prayer for us! Court is on the 6th which is J's birthday as well.  At the last visitation STBX asked J what she wanted for her birthday and she said "Just divorce my Mom. That's all I want". He had the balls to tell her it's because I got pregnant by another man is why we are divorcing! OH MY GOSH! Seriously? I couldn't help but shake my head. The man is nuts and delusional, I pray that the psych. evaluation pushes through too!

Just when you think it can't get any crazier... I think Jerry Springer will be calling us for information soon! GIGGLE! Many blessings and warm fuzzies to whoever you are reading this. If you are in a DV situation remember each situation is different. The spectrum of abuse is as varied and not everyone has a textbook relationship, so don't let this stop you from leaving whatever the abuse! Verbal, emotional, sexual, physical and so on...

PS: Do you think I will good in orange?


  1. Nah, you would look good at home with T :)