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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Final hearing!

WOW! I'm speechless.

Court was interesting. I, of course still had knocking knees and my stomach was tied in knots. Our 15 minute Status Hearing went well over an hour. Not too much sorted out. Small talk. The GAL made a brief summary of her findings. And it was decided that we are to do Therapeutic Counseling. The girls with Rob and a Psychologist, also my son and I have our own session.

If our son does not show improvement he may be removed from STBX's custody. Placement could be in a group home or my Sister has offered to take him in. I would rather he grow from the therapy and the above options be mute. We talked about Discovery and assets briefly. And the judge set us for trial on June 26th.

It sounds like the attorneys would like to get things squared away before that time. I can only hope someone presses a Psych. Evaluation for STBX. The whole thing makes no sense to me... STBX will not be cured in a few sessions. I am happy to know that there will be no more court after June. But upset that it does not seem that we are anyway out of the woods regarding our safety and what happens when the court officials go away.

There was also some talk about pulling STBX's parental rights to see the girls at all. I am would rather them not see him. He is not going to get better. In over 19 years of marriage you can not fix the mental stability of this man.

I am happy that the topic of our address never came up! WAHOO! But weary because I found a fishy looking website looking at my blog (mspy.com) not sure if STBX is trying to figure out where we are going this route. There was more banter and comments back and forth. But we are safe for now. Please pray for our son. I pray for his well being and safety.

I feel worn out and tired. My sister is over now and I'm thinking of hitting the sack for a few right now. Thanks for listening and the prayers, as well as the warm wishes.



 (Pick of the Magnolia tree in bloom! Love it!)

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  1. God is keeping you strong. Prayers continue. It sounds like the courts want to start bringing closure to this situation.