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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Can I laugh yet?

I hate talking and sharing things about my divorce.
I really hate thinking, talking or remembering things about my STBX.
I am flustered over the whole dang legal process and even more perplexed about how STBX seems to get away with so much crap that it isn't funny.

I have more and more text messages from this bunghole. Yesterdays are no worse or better then any in the past.

Background on the latest rants, I receive a call from the GAL that suggests that I show more interest in my son (she is aware that I am concerned and love him but to appease the court I should seem publically more supportive), and she suggests I go to a hearing that is slated for him on Friday. The hearing is to decide whether or not he is allowed to go back to school or to be expelled due to the violent episode he had around Christmas against a student and Vice Principal.

I'm in knots about this. I want to be there for him. But Lordy, if my stress level isn't through the roof enough, I am literally sick to my stomach about facing my STBX in a low or no level security around situation.

Well, really long story made short... I called the school to ask about security, since I am not the custodial parent they have not returned my call. After talking to GAL and lawyer, who then faxes information contrary to policy, I receive a text from crazy man:

March 6, 2012
11:55 am- M does not want you to know anything. And their for u will not get it… you’re lawyer does not know your game but I do. Please send me you’re address
11:55 am- Of my girls not mailing address. Name of schools and their records…
11:59 am- If u cared one bit about him. I would tell u myself
11:59 am- But u only want info to use as control
12:02 pm- If you really cared about M you will call children’s services and admit what you did to him. Did u forget putting him in the hospital under false pret
12:02 pm-  enses.  Just like you did with J. Did you forget taking Terrys side
12:02 pm-From me to him- You are to only contact us thru your lawyer. Please stop texting.
12:03 pm- Or when u put materials in the report to try and get Matt to be kept in jail
12:03 pm- and I can contact u about the kids anytime.
12:04 pm- From me to him- No
12:05 pm- I don’t see anything on paper. But go get your Lawyer to file something that will show how uncooperative u r I am going for full custody of m
12:05 pm – And physical custody of the girls.
12:06 pm- They do not need your abuse everyday about their father.
12:06 pm- I have plenty of time let this drag out
12:08 pm- Your mistake is this you think I am pissed  at u.. but I am pissed as a father and tired of your abuse of are children
12:29 pm- I am waiting for the girls address where they live.
12:31 pm- From me to him - Call your lawyer for that information. Stop harassing me.
12:32 pm- U did not give him address. This is not harassment. I am trying to find out where u kidnapped my kids to
12:35 pm- My lawyer has a PO box.. r u and your lawyer saying that my girls are living at a post office

 Needless to say I didn't fire back more then what is above, but OOOOHHHH, did I want to just rip him a new one. I'm so fed up with his crazy talk, lies and deceit! During this time did he ever once inquire about his daughter's birthday. After 10:30 pm I get 2 texts that ask if J is awake and he wants to wish her Happy Birthday, some rubbish about being in training all day and seeing her Saturday. 
Well, Cowboy! I have something planned to go to that involves a business I am trying to launch and I need clients! So, having to make adjustments to satisfy his insanity is not high on my list right now. And if he is unemployed why does he keep making Saturday visitations? During the week should be just peachy... GGRRRFACE!

Anyway, back to the school hearing. I don't know if there is one. No one will contact me. SIGH! Breathe Mel! Breathe! I know that God has my path and I need to just place all my worries in His hands. I'm so tired of his crap... I'm thinking to block his number again but need to know if I can from my attorney. Mercy! I am thankful we are still safe and thank goodness Terry hasn't went away for work yet. I need a job in a bad way. I would love to do something from home. 

When I am not bitching about my divorce or worrying about crazy man, I garden! I have many little seedlings started! I craft! I sell crafts, vintage items, blog, I am a Doula (Birth Assistant~ job I want to launch), walk around and enjoy nature. Hoping to make money raising chickens (eggs), herbs/veggies/fruit, crafts or maybe I could do public speaking about DV. I am still in the dark where to go. I know a 9 to 5 job isn't for me. For some reason I have issue with working for anyone under 35 years old. I'll do it, but since I have ran several businesses on my own, I have a hard time taking orders from anyone. Now that doesn't mean that I blow off other workers or anything. I just enjoy working on my own... Sorry rambling! But you can see I'm not just a Victim/Now SURVIVOR! 

I'll quit complaining and heading outside to take in some windy but enjoyable temps! 

Stay safe and big hugs!


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