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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Domestic Relations bummer

I finally went in to put in that I changed our address. (I was able to get all the paperwork needed for the PO Box so I can fill out the required court change.) I wandered into the Domestic Relations room to let them know as well of the change. On my way out I bid a quick "Hello" to one of the boss's, of course this then proceeded for her to ask how things were. I mentioned the move and that I received text messages from R about reconciling. She asked about if we are visiting at the Children's Treehouse and how the visits were going. I told her that R hadn't scheduled any appointments.

And what about me seeing my son. I just shook my head and explained the court said it wasn't safe for us to visit due to M's apparent anger towards me. She went on to give me example's of others that had situations where marriages broke up due to an affair in the relationship.

This made me mad! I put away any kind of anger and reminded her as best I could that I left the SOB due to domestic violence. That I was tired and scared that I would have not lived through the following year if I stayed.

I was tired of getting hit, pushed, called names, being accused of cheating, being raped if I didn't want to have sex, having my hair pulled, watching my kids see me spanked or smacked, being pushed down the stairs and more. I was tired!

She didn't know what to say at first. She sat there stunned. She apologized, she assumed that M was upset that Terry broke up the marriage. I said that the marriage was broken long before Terry entered the picture.

M's anger and fighting in school started back in 4th and 5th grade. It had nothing to do with my leaving his Dad.We talked a bit more and then I headed out.

I got to the car and just cried. I was so upset by the comments she made. Upset that I was reminded once again by the crap he put me and the kids through. I felt ugly when I told her about these things. I felt stupid again too for putting up with it for so long. I was a mess for the rest of the day. I told Terry about the incident and it made him upset as well. She is the same lady that made Terry leave back in 2009 when Matt attacked him at the court house. If he would have been able to stay perhaps that wouldn't have happened.

I have gotten messages yesterday from M and then later his Dad, R. Rambling that I wouldn't let M see the girls for Christmas! HELLO! His Dad has supervised visits and I can not just let the girls go. I was so tee'd off on Christmas due to me telling the girls to wish Grandma A Merry Christmas, but Grandma pleaded with J to talk to her Dad. J said no, but then relented to make Grandma happy. R grew upset when A didn't want to talk to him. J asked her sister 2 more times and A mouthed no! Then ran into the bathroom and hid for about a half hour. She was scared.

GGGRRR!!! R ended the conversation with "I guess that's another strike against your Mother!"

I really don't like that man! I have had a upset stomach for days. Why do I let him get under my skin?
I do not believe he knows we moved yet. I know he will be on the war path once he finds out! BIG CHEESY GRIN!

And since he kept harassing me with text messages I blocked him and Matt. I was so upset from the messages. Terry said enough is enough. I didn't need to be beat down by them. I was relieved but not by any means in better spirits. SIGH! March 6th hurry up!

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