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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Safety plan revisit

I'm now one of those survival geeky types that browses "Youtube" for new ideas on how to simplify "Go bags" or "Go kits". It is amazing what you can fit in an Altoid or candy tin!

OK, Mel, where are you going with this?

If you can't take a "Go bag" due to heighten awareness of your abuser, how about a candy tin?

Maybe your abuser took your cell phone. Do you know phone numbers for your emergency contact? Do you have a paper phone book? Knowing a phone number for your friends and family is a lost art. It's up there with snail mail, so gathering numbers for someone in an emergency is important!

Since you may not be able to tailor a "Go bag or Kit", gather a small amount of items for your candy tin survival kit. A small list of phone numbers can be placed on the lid of your kit, band-aid, spare car key or house key (If your abuser locks you out or takes your keys), change for a pay phone/phone card, mini flash light, tiny knife, birthday candles... The list can go on and on. Tailor it to your needs for an emergency. This doesn't have to be just for an abusive situation.

Keep it in your glove box of your car or it's small enough for your purse. Cover your bases!

I had been in a situation when I was with my abuser in which he cut my driver license, debit card and took my house/car keys, he took all of the bills/cash/checkbook in the house too. I felt like a prisoner. I think of the "should have done's and could have done's" now.

The point of this rambling is to be pro-active in your safety. HAVE A PLAN. I would like you to feel empowered rather then a victim in your situation.

Stay safe!
God bless!


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