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Friday, April 19, 2013

Local paper interview!

It is finally published! (The Lowell Tribune- Lowell, IN) What can I say? I'm at a loss. There was a few things I wished I had said different, or added. All and all this is a stepping stone for me to start working on my book.

I do find myself putting it off for anxiety reasons but know that it will be good therapy and I'm not really doing it for me. I am doing it to share my story so other women or men know they aren't alone in they're struggle for safety.

Don't lose hope! Educate yourself the best you can. It is easy to feel sad, hopeless, angry or defeated. The roller coaster of emotions can send some back to the abuser so many have desperately tried to escape for fear of financial ruin, no home or feeling alone.

You can also have feelings of regret, or empathy for your abuser. Your not weird about feeling these things. I struggled with these issues for many years and even after I left for good in 2009, I still felt those things and more. The swirl of emotions can boggle your mind.

Be patient with yourself during this whole process. Be patient with the legal/immigration system. If you have kids, please be patient with them! Remember they are hurting and depending on the age, they may be as twitterpated as you are. Unlike adults, children have a different way of coping with separation and abuse (Any type of abuse).

Some children may become hermits or loners. Others may become aggressive, violent or mouthy. They may use language or behavior that is a opposite how they used to act. I'm not saying this is OK behavior. It's not but you need to understand you are not alone during what seems like a dark time in your life.

It can be hard to keep it together and keep a straight face or positive outlook. Pushing your children away at this time is not a good idea. Remind they that none of this is any fault of theirs. If you need to locate services in your area to get counseling for you and your children. 

Stay safe!

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