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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Bucket List

What have you always wanted to do or see? I was encouraged when Terry and I started dating to create a list of things I want to do! This is great to do for you! Dig deep, not necessarily expensive things to do, just random things that you can take off or add to.

When you leave your abuser many have a tendency to just sit and cry. Depression can set in. Get yourself to think about something other then your abuser. Do something for you or do something enjoyable with someone care about. Love life again!

Listen to some big band music, jazz or Irish band or Celtic music or classical
I've always wanted to go to an Indian reservation
I want to see a civil war re-enactment
Go to Amish country
Stay at a Bed and Breakfast for the weekend
Looking at the architecture downtown or FLW's home
Ren Fest
Charity Ball or go to somewhere so I can get dressed up and go and feel like a princess
Go to worlds longest garage sale
A concert maybe outdoors (free would be great)**** Took a small trip and heard
Go to island or on a cruise was talking about it and it sounds lovely
Take a ride on a train to nowhere and see what's there. (Yes man)
Take vocal lessons
Learn to play piano-Update-2015 I bought a keyboard.Never got around to learning to play. I sold it.
Tubing on a calm stream
Air Zoo in MI
Find a field of flowers or tall grass to walk in
Go to see weird and funky sight seeing places along the road. Like the biggest ball of twine or Toy museum
Garage Mahal in Whiting!
Travel to other US states
Buckley Homestead- Lowell, IN-Done 2014
Backpacking through Europe- I wanted to do that when I was a kid
See a Round Barn
Dye part or all of my hair pink! I have wanted to do that since I was a teen and for some reason this has stayed with me for years. Yea, I'm a goober!- I did this in November of this year! 2015!
Take a class in Merrillville at my favorite rock shop!
Learn Reiki
Learn Reflexology- Learning more and more each year and incorporating Energy work! If you are in NW Indiana drop me a line!
See a movie by myself
Write a book about my life- Did this but need to edit and finally edit sometime soon.
Talk to others (Schools/Women's groups) about Domestic Abuse- I did have a blurb on internet and in local paper about me and my story!
Learn to crochet/knit/tat- learning Crocheting! I can single Crochet and double Crochet! I only know how to make blankets and scarves but it's a start.


Mission work! Our plan is to take our bus (we are converting into a RV!) and go around the US to help others where needed. Maybe a old farm, established CSA, or help with disaster relief. We are SUPER close to doing this over the upcoming SUMMER 2016! WAHOO!!
Get certified for Yoga
Take more educational classes for various energy work
Grow my busineses! Doula, Reflexology, and Zija
Find self sustaining farm where I can host/hold crafting/wellness/gardening seminars!
Make Youtube videos to inspire others that are trapped in DV situations to let them know they are not alone. I want to put a voice with my mug!

Things I have done or am working on-
Make a sand castle
Took the kids out of the state they have never been to
Took kids to beach for the first time
Fancy dinner with a waiter, white table cloths and so on
Learn to play chess
Go on a picnic!
Enrolled in a few classes
To go see a play, doesn't have to be a Broadway play or musical
Dunes or Turkey Run, or Mt. Baldy
Bake Christmas cookies-Do and glad we don't have to do a ton of them. Now we are going sugar free/gluten free so our menu is changing.
Go to Grant Park and just look at the fountain or read a book there.

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