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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

So you went back...

How's that working for you?

I hope your well. I see you have been offline when I come on. I notice you aren't answering your messages from me as well...

I heard he's back to his old ways. I heard you are emotions bruised up and the excuse is that your all clumsy.

Can't do anything right can you?

Gosh you must be stupid!

Can you clean house?

Can't you cook anything?

Why does everything you do seem wrong?! 

Wake up Girly! The honeymoon is over! Mr. Wonderful is back to himself! You don't have to feel bad that your blowing me off. You don't have to feel as though "She told me so!". I still care! I still worry about you.

You CAN live without him!

You CAN survive!

You WILL cry!

Don't be afraid to file a harassment or police report if the loser stalks you or texts you a hundred times.

Your NOT a whore! Or a cheater!

I have been looking in your relationship for sometime now and I see your hurting. I hear your falling apart physically the longer you stay with him. Why do you think that some of the ailments are plaguing you? Guess what Baby! Your body is telling you that you are DONE! Your heart may tell you otherwise, but your mind knows its time to say goodbye!

Don't look back this time! Don't answer his calls! Screw his bills or his other issues! He's a big boy! He can figure out passwords, how to use a checkbook, feed himself and clean. Heck, didn't he say you couldn't do that stuff right anyway?

Oh! He's changed? He promised right? He slips sometimes right? Oh wait! He tells you that you are just out to get revenge now or doom the relationship. Now are you trying to convince me or yourself these lies? Is he still playing mind games with you?

WAKE UP! HE IS NOT GOING TO CHANGE! He needs help and you have been in this relationship long enough to help him. YOU DID all the RIGHT things! You coddled him, you begged, you cried, you pleaded... Now you need to realize that you did all you can. You need to go. You are wasting what precious time you have left in this world.

If you had a dollar for a soda machine and your crumpled dollar doesn't stay in do you keep inserting the same bill? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different response. Sorry, no way and no how! He's too far gone. Let him go! Let yourself realize that you are far too important to keep doing this to you!

Read these stories and let me know if you still have any feeling for your self or your kids!




Need I go on? There is a story about the Powell family, a story of a man that killed his pregnant wife and more stories of other horrible tragedies... Will you be the next story I read about in the papers?

Oh that's right, words aren't as bad right? Because he isn't heavy handed and uses words now it's ok? At least he has changed that... Well, I guess I was wrong... Sorry to have bugged you. I hope your happy. Good luck to you... I'm still here if you ever need to vent.

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