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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sticks and stones

How often do recall either hearing those words or saying those words to others? Growing up I heard them and said them. Now as a Mother I still say them. Now believing them is entirely another thing.

As I say the words out loud, they sound empowering! But in reality, words do hurt. They hurt worse then a punch in some cases. I've had the wind knocked out of me by both fists and by words. For some reason as bad as it was words hurt more.

I've made other blogs about such here. At a recent Women's Bible study I am reminded about the power of our words daily. J. said this subject has reared it's ugly head again.She has had repeated run-in's with a group of girls that for some reason have decided to target her. During gym if she runs by them, they run away from her calling her "Nasty!""EW! She almost touched me! She's disgusting!" The poor girl has been through enough in her life. Despite the hormonal mouthy teen at home, she is good kid, while she is at school she is a different person. She is meek, quiet, and keeps to a few friends. She doesn't stand up for herself. She keeps it in. Of course I'm not supposed to say anything to the teachers because they will just keep it up or make fun of her more.

Last year the same girls were told to steer clear of her. For everyone to just leave one another alone. They made fun of her clothes, her hair and her body. They were to stop calling her a racist, of which this label carried over a bit this year. She hates having to see these girls. Despite bullying guidelines they keep on being mean or rude. And not just to her, there are some other children that are physically challenged that also get the brunt of verbal assaults.

I have to wonder if this type of behavior is allowed at their homes. It's so hard to see my children go through more abuse. It's frustrating and easy to say blow it off. Or get some back bone, life isn't fair and deal with it. It's hard not to go to the school and just give these children a tongue lashing myself or to confront the parents to ask if they believe this behavior is allowable. GGGRRRRFACE!

I teach my children to treat others as they are treated. I tell them they are beautiful, they are good kids, they are funny or they are capable of anything they set they're minds to! I tell them to smile it confuses people, to smile or say Hi to everyone. To love they're enemies. Oh that is a hard one! I also remind them that words are everything, and to think before they speak! Of course I have to remind myself of these things too!

How do words effect you? Smile at someone today! Just some random person. A few weeks back I paid for a woman behind me at a drive-thru, it wasn't much an extra $1.00 but you know what that woman was super excited! She waved and gave me the biggest smile! I felt good and I didn't do it for glory. I did it just because and not because I can just afford to do so but for the heck of it.

I bake the girls things or get them small things out of the blue and it's just because. If they were having a bad day, they're mood quickly changes! Giving a hug or a smooch randomly makes me feel good how about you?

No child or person deserves to be called names.
No child or person deserves to be treated lower then what they are~ a beautiful human being!

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