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Friday, September 9, 2011

Be your OWN advocate!

I have learned much from this crazy Jerry Springerish saga called my life. It has changed me so much as a person.

I am stronger

I don't have to answer to anyone at the end of the day (though I still feel I have to explain myself for various things and there is no need to)

Life at home is so much more relaxed

I enjoy coming home

I enjoy Terry when he is home (Even when he is grumpy, it is a far cry from STBX!)

I learned to have fun in life

I am my own person

I can do anything I set my mind to

I can stay up late if I want to

I can eat until I am stuffed

I don't have to be a maid or slave

I am learning to just be me!

I have also learned that there is no one out in Legal Land that will be your advocate. This means I have to be my own. Terry is my cheerleader, heaven knows I feel so disheartened and down that there seems to be no help in sight through the court and police.

"I" have to make the calls
"I" have to set up appointments
"I"have to make sure dates are scheduled
"I" have to make sure the court has my court records- Oh yes they have been misplaced before which set the court date postponed again.

There is going to be a end to this craziness! I have to believe that! I also know I have to keep pushing some officials to do something about the threats against the girls and murder for hire.

STBX has hired an attorney. I'm nervous. I am unsure what his move will be. He did ask for a continuance for the Sept 15th Order of Protection court hearing. I googled his name and came up empty. All I know is that he does adoptions, divorces, and custody. The girls do not want to see him at all and how can I protect them without incurring the wrath of Legal land? I had gotten appearances for both girls Orders and even the one that M has against Terry. I know STBX wants to keep Terry out of the picture.

I've made a call to the Domestic Relations Bureau in Crown Point, hoping to find someone to be the GAL on our case. I was told off the record many know about our case and don't want the trouble. So, my children dead if he gets them is ok?!

I have not gotten anywhere with my police case. No return calls from the Griffith Police Dept at all. I am not sure if I even have a case open (Murder for Hire). I'm upset and sick to my stomach again. I was up all night due to nightmares. Oh I wonder when those will ever stop.

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