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Abuse doesn't stop at the court room. Melinda has shared her battles in her life and through the court room as she navigates through the legal system Bringing encouragement, insight and empowerment to those that are in a abusive relationship. She is in the process of creating a new life, speaking engagements to "Break the Silence" of abuse, while putting a face to abuse. She is currently working on writing a book about her experiences as a Survivor.View short Bio here- https://www.patheos.com/blogs/ahappymedium/2013/02/notbrokenbutbrave/

Sunday, April 7, 2013

My story is getting out!

This year has been very inspiring, up-lifting and encouraging to me.

I had the privilege of having my bio run on Patheos from a request by a dear strong woman that had experienced abuse in her marriage. I appreciate her kindness as well as her perseverance to over-come that to become a successful business owner, Author, and Radio/TV personality. She was one of my cheerleaders from the beginning of my journey. You can find her uplifting blog and my bio here- http://www.patheos.com/blogs/ahappymedium/2013/02/notbrokenbutbrave/

I was equally blessed to run into a woman covering a story about a CPR class a few months back. I did ask if she (Or the paper) maybe interested in covering a story about DV. I gave her my email and she did contact me about doing the interview (I may have already wrote about this but I have Mommy brain, please excuse me!). I am happy to say that it will be out tomorrow in the local paper-
http://www.thelowelltribune.com .

Of course this has brought some unforeseen physical issues with me. some parts of my body have started twitching. I felt a panic attack come on this morning, luckily I was able to talk myself through it and my kids reassured me everything was OK. Terry and I went to an auction today that totally took my mind off things. I was lucky to score some cool things for our next "Hoard sale".


There I said it! I'm longing for that time when I have no worries about crazy ex stuff. A friend bumped into my ex, which made for a uncomfortable time for the person as my ex started saying nasty and the usual ravings about how awful I am.  

Some things never change. . .

I have been hemming and hawing writing my story. I can blog all day long, but stepping into the Author arena is scary. I believe it needs to be told but saying it out loud is easier. I'm not sure why.

And no, I didn't drink before this picture was taken. HAHA!

Blessings! Stay safe!

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