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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Victim and Survivor comments

I decided to feature victims or survivors on here. If you want to send in a story or comment please email me at hopewhentherewasnone@gmail.com.

Everyone has a story. Some have a bit of tragedy or sadness in they're lives that intertwines our paths together. Breaking the silence by coming open about your story. Your not alone! Your story maybe encouraging to someone that may need to hear they are not crazy or that they can move on.

I'm including comments from past blogs from victims, survivors and family of those loved ones trapped by DV.

I have decided to take my show on the road so to speak by coming out publicly to speak to others in need of encouragement and hope. And I finally made the decision to actually get a book written!
Update on us- I filed contempt charges for back payments of child support, non filing of arrears child support and lose of health insurance for the girls. There is still no way, without hiring a detective, that he is working for cash.

I have been receiving text messages over the past few days that are not mean spirited. They are small talk in a sense, as though we are having a conversation back and forth (I'm not texting him or replying back).

I'm unsure when the next court day is but I will keep ya posted!

Stay safe and remember you are a strong person, capable of wonderful things. It's not too late to start again. You can make it on your own. You can get through this! The road isn't easy but it's much better then where you are now. Believe in yourself. You may need to surround yourself with positive people and you may have to get rid of those in your life that bring you down.

Please keep us in your prayers for continued safety and strength. I appreciate every kind and sympathetic word written by everyone! Thank you!

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Here are a few comments at the end of each is what blog the entry was from.

Keep these kind persons in your prayers as well... God bless...

That sounds a lot like my situation, I am sorry you had to endure that abuse and I am always here reading and praying for you. It is funny how the kids remember some of the things in the past, things you yourself don't want to remember. <3 on Like an open sore..

Even though my abuser is out of the house, I continue to have these kinds of feelings of dread and fear. Slowly, I connect these feelings to events that have happened and make changes where I can to reduce triggers and memories. on Living on the edge...

Any perspective would be helpful. In order for her to have contact with us, we all have to "act" and "treat" him as though nothing happened. We live, however, in constant fear that he will start again with the abuse. He's one of those you would call "charming, loved by everyone, quick-witted and very well-connected." on Your not worthless!

Thank you for your blog! Very courageous of you! Our daughter's husband began physically, verbally, emotionally, etc. abusing her very shortly after they married three years ago. Now she is pregnant. She appears to be happy and so does he. They now seem to be doing well, but we are always fearful of what may be happening behind closed doors. We can never know for sure that he has "changed." on Your not worthless!

I'm so happy that you receive encouragement from your readers, too! You have a wealth of information here that IS indeed helping others--even those who cannot tell you for whatever reason. Having a real life connection with a friend who has survived and is learning to thrive has been a huge help for me in learning that I can get out. Thank you! on Got bruises?

No bruises/blood, no protection/freedom. Scared. on Gaslight's- Sociopath mind games

I am dealing with the exact same thing with my ex-husband who I have two young children with. He is an extremely jealous and miserable person who hides his income so he won't have to pay us the child support he should, lies about anything and everything if it will benefit him, criticizes me and my family every chance he gets (even puts us down in front of the kids), constantly is trying to upset my family and I by his comments, harassment, and his dragging us to court over and over again so he can lie more to further reduce his child support payments and try to gain more parenting/visitation time. Now to make matters worse, we also have to deal with his crazy girlfriend who not only encourages my ex's outrageous behavior but participates in it and often instigates it! It is frustrating and exhausting. I beg everyone reading this to please, PLEASE keep your eyes wide open and pay attention to any red flags you notice in the early stages of a relationship (some good ones are listed on Text messages and my STBX

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