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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Update on the circus of my divorce

I received a letter in the mail.

The GAL on the case is going on vacation and will not be back until after Thanksgiving, so STBX's attorney wrote a letter regarding this and that he will ask for a continuance.

Well! I haven't went to the Dentist. I am still covered by his health insurance until we are finalized. I know the first thing many I have encountered when they hear that is to get everything under the sun tucked, nipped and nicked.

I have done one thing I wanted to do for the longest time... I went under the knife for bladder surgery. After then 3 kids, my bladder was so very weak I wet myself when I sneezed, laughed and coughed.Pitiful! So I got the surgery! LOVE my sling! Everything else I did was just routine checkups.

I so want to be free of him.
Calling me his wife or my loving husband

After almost 3 years get a life

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