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Saturday, January 21, 2017

I have a YouTube channel!

I have gravitated towards doing Vlogs! It seems like a natural progression. I hope you find me on there!

Our YouTube channel!

I will have videos that will include my camera shy family. Vlogs about our Farm, my fight with Lyme Disease and picking up the pieces from Domestic Violence.

You can also find me on FB- Melinda Kunst and Instagram!

Since I last blogged we have 2 Grandbabies, and my older Daughter moved out with the baby with her partner. They are dealing with CPS issues but that should be put to bed in a few months.

Coming up soon will be my 8 year Independence Day! Can you believe it!?

I hope it helps to know your not alone in your fight. I'm rooting for you!

God bless and big hugs!

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