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Sunday, June 19, 2016


Howdy! Seems like it's been ages since I blogged! I'm still here, just alot going on.

We moved into our "Forever" home! It's situated on to 3 acres, everyone has a bedroom and since our Clan is growing we need it! The house was in pretty rough shape and will be a work in progress for years to come. Sometime over the next few years we hope to have Sheep, Honeybees again and possibly Goats? Pipedreams right now. We still have Chickens and Ducks. They are not only great for food but quite entertaining.

Our 1st Grandbaby (Jessica) is due in August and the 2nd in September (Terry's Daughter from his first marriage).

We had a Blessing way for Jess last weekend with close family and friends. It was a wonderful time! A wee bit warm as we don't have Central Air but put in a small window unit for the party that seemed to take some of the edge off.

Earlier this year our beloved dog Maggie passed away. She was acting funny, wondering around in circles and bumping into walls. We took her to the vet and found out she had a stroke and we put her down. Our hearts were pretty saddened by this. She is dearly missed!

We found a great home for 2 puppies that we just didn't have time to give our full attention to.

Jessica also graduated from High School a few weeks ago! I'm so super proud of these Ladies!

I have been able to sell some lovely vintage treasures at a local Flea market! Did I mention maybe a small Antique shop out of the house is in the planning stages? Happy dance! We are out in the sticks so getting customers may prove to be a bit challenging!

My Lyme Disease is alot better. The referral given to me by my Primary Dr has proven to be wonderful!

I am being treated with herbs and vitamins. Also keeping an eye on my diet. Well, I kinda slid off the wagon for watching my diet. Everyday is a challenge. I am still no longer walking with a cane and grateful of how well I am doing but yet I am frustrated at how long the process to heal is. Of course I freak out when I find a tick or see a bug bite on myself and my family. It's hard not too. I have met a great community of folks that are fighting for their lives to defeat these epidemic.

I have been off work since September of last year and though we have a very small dwindling nest egg I do need to get back to work. I kind of dread the idea. I still struggle to stay awake during the day and other health symptoms concern me if I will be able to really function on a job even part time.

On a super note, it has been 1 year since my last full panic attack! YIPPEE! Now I have had some small hiccups but not the full blown, "Oh my gosh, I'm passing out" Panic attacks. I'm thinking it has alot to do with not hearing from my ex. My order of protection did expire on the 14th of this month. My anxiety level did rise a bit but I'm thinking he has the distraction of his new wife. This is great for me!

I understand she is in denial of the sexual abuse incidents. Stating that my ex is a nice man and how horrible of me to slander his name. She says her family/Grandbabies adore and love my ex. I was stunned to think I was slandering him. If I had known these things prior to finalizing the divorce you beat you sweet Bippy that I would have brought it up, despite Jess not wishing for it to be made public.

So, here we here 7 years later:
*Nightmares have lessened to every great once in a while
*No major panic attacks

These are HUGE milestones for me. My past life seems so surreal. It is as if it happened to someone else. I can talk about experiences without breaking down and melting into a puddle of goo. I still have a ways to go but I have come so far! I didn't ever think I would be where I was right now. So Dearest Blog reader if you are being abused (physically or verbally) have faith! To jump out of a abusive relationship is SUPER scary! You may be worried that you will have no place to live, no money, no insurance or maybe that you will never find love again.

Have HOPE!

Be willing to be flexible! I hear from countless men and women about how they can't leave "things or the house" or they won't make it. You CAN and you WILL!

You may have to hit rock bottom before you do leave. But why wait? If you can't leave, then try to get counseling for yourself and your partner. If your partner is unwilling then you need to make a choice.

Need more info on leaving? See the Labels for more, view Safety Plans, Positive affirmations, Leaving your abuser and Preparing to leave your abuser.. Please know that if you ever just need to vent feel free to email me or visit me on FB as Melinda Kunst or my page at Humbled Hearts on FB.

If you know someone in an abusive situation please be patient! The process to leave can talk days, months or GULP! Years! They may leave dozens of times before they finally leave. Be a shoulder to cry on, listen, give plenty of hugs and though it may seem frustrating and like you are playing the same song over and over, don't give up on them.

God bless you and know I'm cheering for you!

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