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Friday, March 15, 2013

What does abuse look like?

I had a brief chat with a woman from work. I mentioned that she was being abused and her reply was "Oh, my partner doesn't beat me.".

That made me think...

What do people think abuse is?
What does abuse look like?

Abuse does not "have" to be physical to be abuse.

Abuse can be sexual.
Abuse can be emotional.
Abuse can be mental.
Abuse can be financial.
Abuse does not discriminate!

Abuse can happen to:
The Old, the young, middle age, men, women, children.

Abuse can happen at:

Home or the workplace

Abuse can happen to you!

*Are you in a volatile situation or know someone that is? Please refer to the Safety plan or Safety label for more information"

Stay safe!

Blessings and prayers!